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  1. Dear West, Thank you for the reply. The person that I purchased it from said he had purchased it in approx 1970 and has been stored away. He had no box or paper work with the item.When I was very young I use to visit Barford Chevrolet in St. Louis with my Father in the early 60's and I remember this type of simulated display box with other cars in there showroom. I am going back some years, so I am not for sure. I do appreciate your reply. Regards, Mark
  2. My name is Mark Sherman. I have just acquired for our used car dealership, what I believe is to be an original 53 Corvette shadow box display case with the Corvette in Gold-tone. The case is plastic. that appears as a wood finish with a glass cover. I am trying to find any site or information on this item. Any help or direction is very much appreciated. You are also welcome to call my cell number at 314 920-2804, if that is easier. Thanking anyone in advance for their time. Regards, M:)ark Sherman
  3. I have a 55 Pontiac Starchief V-8 with P/S & P/B. I am having trouble trying to remove the brake reservoir cap. Is there a special tool to remove the cap? The clearance and space from the top is limited and I was not able to remove it from under the car. All I have manged to do is cut my fingers. Please advise. My car has been sitting for 1 year +. I have no brake pedal from sitting for over 1 year and wanted to check fluid level first. I did not see any external leak at the wheels. I did see a little crusting on the outside of the power brake unit. Thanking anyone for there time. Regards
  4. I was able to attach pictures. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the infomation on the pictures. I am not the best at computers. I have attempted, but they did not go through. I am going to forward them to Brian for the upload. Regards, Mark Sherman
  6. Dear Sir, I am not sure how to add the pictures. Can I bring the attachments up from my computer? Mark
  7. My name is Mark Sherman. I occupy the old Murray Mercury building in St. Louis, MO. I brought down some old parts from the attic that I wanted to identify, before trying to resell. The first is a door BM 7320125-B And the other item is a trunk lid CIGB6240110B. Both items are in there original wrappings. I would like to thank anyone for there help in identifying these part numbers.
  8. I have located this can in our attic storage. We occupy the original Murray Mercury Building in St. Louis, Mo. we are a 63 year old family used car business that has been in this building since the early 70's. May I ask anyone if they can identify the year application? (B7A-645-A) The bottom of the can has only Ford and Thunderbird on the paper tag. This is a 6 oz. sparay can. I thought B7 was for 57, but not sure? Thanking anyone in advance for there time. Mark Sherman
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