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  1. I already sold it, but I maybe able to locate another and let you know.
  2. Thank you for the information, now I have a start.
  3. Thanks for your information,this really helped me to identify them.
  4. Yes I have them listed on ebay, they come with 2 extra for a total of 6.Look under freakin66 screen name on e-bay and you will see my listing. Thanks, Jeremy
  5. This looks to be a rear upper bumper for a Mercury, haven't a clue what year or model?
  6. I have a full set of these hubcaps and I was told they were an after market Ford hubcap around 1940. Does anyone have a clue of what year or make these are?
  7. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what year and make of oldsmobile this steering wheel horn ring and center came from? It has the world globe with a ring going threw it in the center horn.
  8. Awesome, Thanks for the information.
  9. Hello, I looking to find out what year these Oldsmobile hubcaps go to?:confused:
  10. Thank you for the info., now I have somewhere to start.
  11. Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I have a question on some hubcaps I have acquired and trying to sell. I dont know what they are from or year, I have been scrambling my brain and havent got know where. Anyone recognize these?:confused:
  12. Thanks on the other gauges, It definitely gives me some progress on finding out what they are.
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