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  1. No one? No one dealt with him in past couple years?
  2. Very nice doors 500 Rumble seat springs 250 Rolling chassis complete with out motor 1500 may part out
  3. These were remade by one of the parts suppliers,stove bolt or Chevy of the 40s.probably long out of stock. I was looking for years myself
  4. Anyone live by this business? Need help contacting him. Been waiting for him to finish pieces for 2 years now.i left a hefty deposit and he's impossible to reach. Anyone done business with him for wood in past year?
  5. 42 in wide. Same size as one in my car.No rumble lid
  6. Very hard to find rumble seat springs 300 Front seat springs 150 Tons of misc 30 31 parts...inquire Rolling chassis Front and rear fenders 30 3 window body panels 30 2 door sedan body panels Chevy land
  7. i dont.working a deal on a chassis with motor there on.embossed on back side with a make and date
  8. found some 1960s repo alum center caps. never seen before. had a date and name cast on inside. anyone familar with them? buying parts from someone pulling body off to make hotrod.
  9. 8 cyl. Was on wheel. Numbers or on column box Pic of front of trunk
  10. I've added a steering column for a 28 also
  11. Complete latch and rods $80 Also complete column with steering box. $90 Also 2 trim rings. $25 There is the complete trunk I may part out.was going to keep for wall art but if someone needs something bad enough I could help
  12. All comments are buying and finding parts.that is always good.the bad and has always been is the selling.
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