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  1. 53" wide would allow it to fit the 1949-1952 Chevy & Pontiac sedans. May even fit the 1949-1951 Mopar sedans http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm97/studebaker2/Car Visor/?albumview=slideshow&track=share_email_album_view_click 100.00 + shipping-- around 21.00
  2. I had actually measured it for that purpose. I have found a original heavy duty oil bath cleaner that I will use. Those oil baths are hard to beat.
  3. They were the first place I looked as I buy quite often from them. Great company to deal with. I didn't see the material in rolls, only in a hand type cake.
  4. Where can I purchase the copper wool element found in many of the pre-war cars air filters? (37 Terraplane)
  5. What is the recommended solution for replacing the 5 rubber snubbers (2 for the front springs, 2 for the back and one for the axle pinion) if NOS can't be found?