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  1. Hi, I am only familiar with 1/2 ton so cannot comment of the gearing. That data base "Yahoo: Dodge Truck factory serial numbers" (America made) '41 through '47 shows all WH- are 2 ton, WF- is 1 1/2 ton. T120 would be correct, but Canadian Dodge/Fargo for those years; 2 ton does show T113 (218.06 cu. in.). If I were to consider this as a project (gearing) I would remove the power takeoff plate, or however possible to look inside to look at gears and a flexable magnet to get down inside see what you could pick up. The people at Vintage Power Wagons may very well can comment on the gearing. Richie
  2. Hello Ingvar, The reason I looked closer at the picture was I looked for a Mopar 6.0L (366 c.i.) and not in the history, but what Kew used, I have no idea. The T315.234 should put it on the year (if it is origional engine) and it does seem to be. I have included a link to the UK group which may be a good contact for better details of the UK Kew Dodge. Regards, Richie http://www.old-dodge-trucks.co.uk/dodge_kew.htm A picture of your truck would be appreciated, Thanks
  3. Hi, these model and serial numbers (of the truck) do not follow any, made in, USA or Canada. I would do the searching of those numbers with Kew. But with the engine number, comes very close in that '51-'53 years. there was T314xxx and T316xxx listed as Dodge truck, but no T315xxx. It seems the decimal used with Kew were used as a "star" with USA or Canada....also I read in the 6.0L box shown in the picture to me as 6.CL, as if they indicate 6 cyl. (tax info.). The T137.com was helpful someshat but like I said, this info. on the plate was generated by Kew so going to find their records is going to put you on this truck. Must be kind of big with 8400 gross. Let us know what you find, hope this helps, Richie
  4. Mike, I can see your rad core is thicker than my 1/2 ton, the brackets will be too wide for me. Thanks anyhow. FYI: the honey comb cores are extreamly hard to find and not made, unless you went to UK, took a loan out from the bank to have one made! May be worth patching up the split tank enough to see if core holds water, my second 1/2 ton came with core is split probably sitting in a junk yard too many years. I am told the tanks brass; cores copper and should solder easily. Rich
  5. Thanks Mike. Yes I still do need both brackets. Parts listings for 1 1/2 ton radiators (and just about all models) are different so I can't tell if they would have changed these brackets, so I sent some pictures of the one that is not rusted in half. 33 inches if tape measure hooked over the top edge of the bracket, bend the measure tape over the complete length, 2 1/2 inch at the wide on the side of the rad., the flange that bolts the rad. to the truck sticks up 1 3/4 inches. Hopefully this info. will ID yours same as mine. If I knew where locally to look at 1 1/2 ton I would. the rad. repair guy I'm talking to said he can replace my core with modern type, attach the old tanks and brackets
  6. My limited records of Dodge years '37-'47 show no model begins with letter DD, all models '41 thru '47 start with W. Is it possible the S in there a 5 ? If so could be guess as a 3/4 ton as all those years show as WD-15, no other model years with the 15 in there; 1 ton number is WD-20 Another thing I picked out of this is that all 1/2 ton only 116 inch wheeel base, where the 3/4 and 1 ton 120 inch. Chrysler Historical sent me complete data for my specific year When I sent them $25 for "build sheet" for my make, model & serial, they did not find it but returned my check and the several pages on data. Rich P.S. stamped on plate on mine "LBS 4200" and I am positive its a 1/2 ton.
  7. Thanks jpage, helps somewhat though looks close enough that I will probably need to actually look at those vehicle years, someone may spot my pix. I did look up in my Master Parts listings: 1936 is 711214 Dodge; 1937-38 is same 583107 for both Dodge and Plymouth. The "rendition" pix do not show clear enough to tell wood or metal, no notes and show only one picture all years (typically). Just for geewhiz, my 1940 came with plywood but the lot of stuff I mentioned earlier, I got a metal floor board which I think correct with '39...... '40 & '41 is a two piece, just to throw in more variation. Very rare to see MoPar trucks at car shows in this neck of the woods...come to think of it I should go to the BigE show this year West Springfield, usually Jan. but never went yet. Rich
  8. Hi, would you guys have a look at this floorboard (maybe its a toeboard) and tell me if it is the '36 and if so a car or truck or both. Thanks, came with a lot when I bought "39 fenders, bumpers, wheels, ect. but would like to find a home for it, just taking up space here. Rich
  9. My 1940 Plymouth 1/2 ton specs. show 2800 lb. as shipping weight, I wouldn't think weight different much than yours as they changed very little over the '39-'47 years, Dodge, Ply. or Fargo. You could also look at that tag on the passenger side door jamb and see the gross weight and subtract the 1000 lbs. as empty weight. The specs. also list "road weight" as 2975 lbs., which I never did figure out what that term means. Rich
  10. This is a little tough to figure with reference only. The 16th edition does not mention Dodge trucks, my 21st edition (1955) does only goes back to '37 and does say the '37, '38 truck and the car will not recomend swaping the steering box. 1936-1938 trucks have very little differences (in what I have gathered). In Master Parts list ('36-'42) many parts of the assy. of the steering box for the '36, '37 & '38 are the same for truck and car...but not the housing. So it is only a guess the car box housing will fit the truck. Try those guys on the H.A.M.B. site, you may even be offered a truck box. Hope this helps, Rich
  11. No one bought one of these kits, had them recovered or did it theirselves? Holding up? Look good, feel to sit on? Difficulty to install yourself? Who did you buy the kit from?
  12. I have droped-off two radiators to be tested and estimated repair. Good looking conditions but never used, one is off my '40 1/2 ton the other off a '41 also 1/2 ton but sure 3/4 and 1 ton the same size. The '41 side mounting brackets are rusted too far to use and looking to buy. L & R side brackets are soldered to the top and bottom tanks, can be removed easy with small propane tank, pop them off should someone has junker radiator beyond repair I would like to talk. Cannot imagine any other way to come by these brackets. Master Parts Manual does not list as separate part number only raditator assy. number. Anyone? thanks, Rich I picked up repaired '41 (both same-#591258) by using the side brackets off the '40. He said the leaking of the '40 was multiple leaking area near the bottom of the core, said it probably water was froze in it. I still would like to buy a pair of the side brackets, re-core the '40 and replace these rusted off (the bottom) brackets.
  13. Hi, need radiator (side) brackets that are soldered to the top and bottom tanks. Need both sides to complete repair to my radiator, were rusted too far gone. Thanks, Rich
  14. I thought I would do a recover kit myself. I need to remove everything down to the springs and was wondering has anyone quite satisfying with a "stock" looking kit from (just off the top of my head) Kanter, Roberts, ect....any sugestions appreciated, thanks, Rich
  15. Hi Chris, my print of the '39-'47 records show that T112 prefix is always used for 1/2 ton 116 inch wheel base but '41 through '47, even in the Canadian Fargo/Dodge 1/2 ton, military war years also and like you said the 218 cu.in. for all those mentioned. For it to be for the '46 "correct" the following digets of the T-112 is going to be need by someone knows more than me. Try the guys on the '39-'47 Dodge trucks.com who have a yahoo.com group or maybe call the vintagepowerwagons.com could zero onto to years of mfr. Hope this helps, Rich, Brimfield, MA
  16. 1933-34 Plymouth Radiator Support/Grill Shell Support Hi, this company offers new bracket. Not sure exactly what this one may be it but they may be able to help. Hope this helps, Rich
  17. I'll bet the Vintage Power Wagons have a clutch for yours...1-888-695-0578
  18. Great tip with the belting. Could I see some full sized pictures of your avitar vehicle? I assume its a Dodge but do not recognize the style. Thanks, Rich
  19. Certainly a worthy project and I think a a fair price. With such a low production number I wonder if engine serial numbers followed the auto and what tranny was used.
  20. No need to do that....I appreciate your offer though.
  21. Thanks, I take it you have used one this style?
  22. I guess I wasn't thinking but I need a compressor for removing the springs in my flathead 201 c.i. (overhead valve types don't work there). Just a quick look at whats available, they don't look too expensive but I thought I'd get one that works well with the MoPar flathead. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rich
  23. Hi, my thoughts are this; that there must not be anyone restoring a '59 Plymouth in your area. I say this because a lot of the trim, bumpers, fenders, bezels, hub caps, glass would work with a project and could do a deal with the owner to sell all the good stuff off (but no one is asking questions). No, 4 door sedans aren't hot sellers even if you wanted to clean it up but it looks solid and there are lots of usable parts I don't see a shifter in that steering wheel picture so probably a torqueflight tranny, a picture of the engine would be very interesting and the milage on the car. I'm just not in favor of the eventuality of vehicles getting junked when if possible it could be at the least parted out. Not sure what to suggest, maybe the Plymouth Owners Club (see sticky) people would like to consider this car for resto or parting. Hope this helps, Rich
  24. I hear you...one more time to bump it up, lets us MoPar truck owners tighten-up our communications on the new (to be determined) Dodge, Fargo & Plymouth Truck forum. Thank you very much (in an Elvisspeak) Rich
  25. Re-name it; Dodge, Fargo & Plymouth Truck forum. I think this change may reduce the scattered postings that may turn up in; Other vehicles, Plymouth even the Chrysler/Mopar forums. Would help a lot, I think for the Fargo interests. I believe the pre-Chrysler Corp. badges are already posting there. What do you think?
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