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  1. Hey Terry, how are you? Thanks for helping me too, but i already talked to them and they don't have this heat riser, they have a lot of, but this one in specific they don't have. They already helped me with this problem, they confirmed the model and application. But anyway thanks for responding. Eduardo
  2. Thanks Paul, i have sent you an e-mail. Eduardo
  3. Hello, my heat riser is really a 146-117, i bought from rand, but this heat riser is very similar to the original, the linkage, everytinhg. i'll post picture, but i think the throttle hole is thinner than the right one. [ATTACH=CONFIG]190840[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]190841[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]190842[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]190843[/ATTACH]
  4. Hello, please, someone could help me again, i have a 1933 Buick, but i don't know the right heat riser i have to use! someone haves a numbers application of heat riser? i bought a 146-117 with brand, but it seems to be smaller that the original one - my exhaust is bigger, just a little. my exhaust number is 1281556-1.
  5. Tks Bob but my car don't have nothing in his harneess. i have to buy a new one anyway. tks Eduardo
  6. Thanks my friend, I opted for the Harnesses Unlimited because my car is to much like yours and i liked the website. But i have one more question, my car doesn't have the device at the end of the steering column, what device is that? just the hand throttle? or have a headlight device too? where is the head light swicth? tks Eduardo
  7. I just find in two sites that you told me, which one do you recommend? the harnesses unlimited is for the whole car? including panel? from what I understand, the one that fit like a glove is the harnesses unlimited, right? if yes, i'll buy this one. tks a lot for the help. Eduardo
  8. I understand that, no problem, i'll try to find some exhaust manifold, i think is my only way out. But tks anyway, your help is being very welcome. if you like vintage cars, take a look in this video:
  9. Hello Mike, I agree with you in everything you said, but i like the original Buick crazy project, is complex, it's beautiful. My friend have a 1929 DeSoto Six and we turn back the updraft original carb system, the car looks like a clock. Here in Brazil now have a vintage car race, is in a go-kart track, so does not require a lot of cars, but look at that beautiful thing. The DeSoto and the Buick racing. but thanks for the help, i know that i'll have a hard way ahead.
  10. This is the Concorde, a brazilian project and built, like the excalibur, but to much beautifull i think.
  11. Unfortunately here in Brazil, car is not a Culture as there in USA, i'd love it to be, because i love cars, it all impresses me. I have 27 years old and my brother have 23, our grandfather was a great car collector here in Brazil and we inherited this passion from him. However, restore cars here is an art, further, when it comes to vintage cars, most of peaces have to be created from a sample, which are often taken from books. Here we do Bodyshop, painting, mechanical, electrical, upholstery and finishing, all this my brother and i, we don't have any employee. Our grandfather built the Concord
  12. Hello, how are you? thanks a lot for responding this thread and try to help me. i post some pictures of my actual manifold system, but i think i'll need everything that you said. what do you think?
  13. Hello, i'll post some pictures... but now i need the complete heat control system, because my car is using a downdraft system adapted, and i need to came back the original system. if anyone knows where can i found it? tks Eduardo
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