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  1. Well at 60 I'm finally getting tired of my first love. I am watching the antique car hobby turn into big business, forcing out the working man, and into the hands of the highest bidder. Just sold a 49 Super as well. First time I can remember being without an old car since my days as a kid at my old man's garage in CT. Best of luck to you and your sales! regards, Dan
  2. Yes I sold the car for too little in my opinion, $8900.00. I just stopped at a "Classic" car dealership here in Seattle area, and looked at a '63 Falcon, not even a Sprint, 18K! for a 6-cyl Falcon!
  3. Selling my 1955 Buick Century 4 dr. hdtp. original YXW tri paint scheme. Older restoration, very good driver quality. Runs perfect, no smoke (including cold start ups), no rattles, vibrations. P/S, P/brakes, new radials, rebuilt cars fuel pump (not in pictures), wiper motor. Newer water pump, exhaust, west coast car sold at Huling Bros Buick/West Seattle (have trunk metal dealer badge). thick stack of work done dating back to the early 80's. original V8 322 with 4-bbl carb (appears original--auto choke works as it should). Not working: speedo (disconnected), horn, radio, and dome light. All other guages and lights work. Chrome all good to excellent. Older paint showing some rust bubbles under in about 5-6 places. Very shiny paint--10 footer. Most every seal replaced in the last 3 years. All 6 side glass pieces replaced. Drivers outside mirror on car, have pass mirror, and other extra parts. Needs jack and lug wrench. I need to make room. Considering partial trades of Harley shovel, pan, or knucklehead complete bike projects for my retirement. Thanks for looking. Dan/Seattle, WA. 360-830-2779 days. Asking 10,550.00 unable to upload pictures. request at:
  4. Thank you Chris and Jan for your replies. I will check both of those places out--hoping they have a website. I am a new member since November 2009, and the few times I have posted, everyone has been very nice taking time to respond. I only hope I can return the favor.
  5. I recently bought a 1955 Century older restoration for my main "driver". Can someone give me a list or point out out the best source for lists of good Buick parts sources? All is greatly appreciated! thanks, Dan/Srnad8.
  6. Does anyone know if this is going to be a problem to find or repair/make? I'm picking up a 55 tomorrow, and I know the battery tray is really shot, and the seller says he has one that goes with, but I am seriously skeptical. Thoughts, Please. thanks for any advise.
  7. Tom: holy schnikeys, Tom. I would have NEVER thought to look at the motor mounts. I will defineitely check that out. Mostly original; that is so possible. The seller insisted on quality rebuild of the motor/clutch/trans (no receipts ( Thank E Tom, that is very insightful. And that's what I'm talkin' about,,,,,, In my haste last evening, I forgot to mention how nice your car was; and what a collection (not sure what a '49 Aching Back is)! My better half LOVES '30's steel (as do I)--the '49 was a compromise,,,,,,, Pete: I didn't see your reply above until this morning (still getting used to the whole forum thing). Thank you for the information. That is definitely at the top of my list, as it can't be a good thing. Funny thing is, the more I drive it, the more I "learn" to minimize the shudder, by lower rpm's @ shift (basically idle speed) and a "quicker" engagement. Not sure if that makes any sense, but sometimes lately I have been able to take off (does it in reverse also) without any shudder at all. At 57 Y.O. I hope it's not me still learning to drive a stick )
  8. Brian, very cool car. Do you think she was an original code: 49-12 Royal Maroon Mettalic? Not an expert, but I think that color was pretty rare. Dan/Bremerton, WA USA
  9. John: thanks so much for your advise. to answer your question about the car being an investment or keeper, that's a tough one because I love every car I've ever owned, but only usually have 1 or 2 at a time for financial reasons. I've always looked at it as a hobby you can enjoy, and if you are smart/lucky get all or at least most of your investment back, to move on to the next one. Lets face it how many hobbies can you say that about? Aside from tying up your money initially, if you get a year of two of enjoyment/driving and break even after all is said and done, that is a great thing in my opinion. I'm never looking to make a profit, but just get my money back if I can, heck I'll even consider trading someone. So your advise is very sound on the refurbishment aspect; make it safe and functional. Fixing the seals and leaks seems like a good place to begin. Ben: you back up what John said. I can do cleaning and grunt work, but I think I'll get a pro to do the glass seals, etc. My experience is in the mechanical end. the hub caps I have are fairly common I think. I will use the original full wheel covers, so the hub caps/trim rings (such that would come on a Special, and prior years) are up for grabs ( I have 6 or 7 sets) or trade something I can use for the '49. I also have a set (4) of the spinner hub caps (pictured/front) that are in good condition, and are actually quite heavy (not chincy/flimsy). If you're interested in anything, you can email me at: Thanks again, gentlemen, and hope to hear from a few more people with any words of wisdom. Dan
  10. Hello all, and first let me thank anyone who contributes with advise on my project to be. I have a fairly original '49 Buick I purchased a few months ago. I have had some time now (between Seattle rainy days) to try and come up with a plan of action. The paint is very fair, and it has been changed from the original Regency blue met. to black, and it was done very well with regards to trunk, hood, door jams etc. being also painted black (it took me quite a while to find a tiny bit of the blue under a broken hood seal). I can live with the paint job as a driver (it is a Super 4-dr sedan; so it will never bring great money as you all know), but the weather stripping, windshield, side glass seals, trunk seals, etc. all need replacement as there are small leaks into the pass compartment, and my garage is filled up so it stays outside. The under carriage is bad in that it had rubberized undercoating done many years ago that is flaking off in several spots, but not rusted, just looks like crap. The engine and transmission have been rebuilt and painted (though the clutch is suspect as it shudders in 1st and 2nd at take off). Speaking to the guys that have restored and/or refurbished Buicks in the past, and with the idea that I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on a 4-door car, what would you do, and in what order? Brakes seem good; high pedal and e-brake functional. Tires now good. Small rust spot in trunk @ bottom of spare tire well. The matting under the carpet in the rear is fairly damp, so I am also worried about the floor which appears to be solid as far as I can see. I'm already up to 1K in tires, heater ducting, pedals, some decals, blah blah. Also chrome is all there, but bumpers though shiny are pitted through--the car is the definition of a 20 footer. Interior is very presentable; i don't plan on doing anything except flooring). Any help and advise/feedback will be greatly appreciated. I also have quite a few spare parts that are either duplicates, or for a different year/model (i.e stone guards for a 46-47 sedan I believe, that are in good shape). Extra hub caps and trim rings, manifold/carb, etc.; would be happy to give anyone interested a list via email. Sorry if I went on, but I thought that in order for anyone to give advise, as many details as possible would be helpful. Thanks again. Dan/Bremerton, WA.
  11. Yes it does look great. Thanks for the info:D
  12. Hello, motor looks great. If you don't mind a few questions, did you pull it out to paint it? What type of paint did you use on the manifolds? The oil filter housing looks correct, what color is the base and the cover? Thanks, Dan.
  13. Sorry I was away for some time, but thanks again to all for your kind words. I'm more curious about the originality of the car; certainly not concerned about showing it. It will be a driver for sure, and I have taken a lot of time trying to find any blue paint; under rubber, door jams, trunk arms, etc, and if she was indeed repainted Black, they took great lengths to cover every square inch of the car. And of course I was joking about the spare tire well rust. Not sure I've ever owned an un-restored vertical spare car that wasn't rusted through the bottom in that spot (please note I lived 51 years in "salty" New England ). Luckily I haven't found any more rust yet. One thing I find facinating is our friends from Australia responding. that is very cool to me. Are old cars in general revered there? Or certain makes/models? Were they sold new on the continent, or imported? I suppose I could just google this, but it seems to me that the cost to ship that great distance would be prohibitive, and anyway it seems better to have a response from a real native than just some posting on Wickipedia. thanks again, all. Dan/Bremerton, WA.
  14. Well Brian thanks for the kind words. I will post some pics as soon as it is warm enough to uncover the poor freezing girl. I do have a couple from the original ad I bought her from and will try and figure out how to post To Dave, thank you also. I have a feeling I'll need all the help I can get. I really do hope that the 909 translates into the 49-09 as she will eventually need a paint job (when I have the money--I like blue, and I would guess less common than black), but being an unrestored car, the list is quite long as you can imagine--but that's the fun, and the bonus is I can drive it while I recondition it. In the trunk full of treasures, (I will list these once I figure what doesn't fit the car), one thing I know for certain, I do have a pair of stainless rear quarter stone guards that appear to be in nice shape (haven't cleaned them up yet), for a 46-47 Series 62 4-dr. Anybody interested can contact me. Finally found some rust through in, and I know you won't believe this, the bottom of the spare tire well :eek: Will be looking for a patch for that if available. Thanks again and sorry if I drone on,,,, Dan
  15. Sorry fellas if I offended anyone about the newbie joke. My post had only been on a couple of days, hence the joke, and it was just intended that way. I truly am new to this sort of thing, and not a big internet person, no face book or any thing like that. I of course appreciate anyone taking time from their busy schedules to answer. I've got another Shop Manual coming for the car--lost the one I had for my 49 Sedanet in the flood we had out here 2 years ago. Anyway thanks again, and sorry again.