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  1. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you folks; among other things, we had a little snow. Paralyzed the place. My pal Karl has the car at his place, he had some things to put on eBay, so he took some pics and listed the Buick, item number 330391135184. My health issues have got to the point where I'm even thinking about selling my '51 Chris-Craft, so it's really not fair to the car to let it sit any longer. Thanks for the interest, and best wishes for the new year.
  2. Thanks for the help, folks, I thought I had the Buick thread, but there's nothing unusual about me being confused. Jake, I'll try to get the pics set-up over the weekend, thanks for the interest. jcr
  3. My brother's whack-job mother-in-law (really, he has papers) shoved Grandads two door fastback out of the barn, but didn't tell anybody. Car is intact - except for the skirts, naturally- but has been in the weather long enough it will need everything. Engine turns over, but no attempt has been made to force the old girl to run. I'll try to post the photo link soon, we'd like to get around 2500, and it is advertised locally (Kent Island, Md.) Last ran in '98?, some spares, reasonably close delivery possible.