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  1. Hi, would have a good turn signal lever with no pitting? if so, please write me directly at Jeff@WillingtonCadillac.com thanks
  2. Yes, they're all the same. The only difference being Eldorados have holes for script and lower trim in different positions. If you need a nice pair, let me know directly. thanks, Jeff@WillingtonCadillac.com 860.805.1575
  3. I located a good one for you. I will write you directly with details. thanks, Jeff
  4. Yes, those are 71-76, non Eldo coupe doors. I'm checking to see if I can scare up a nice one for you. thanks, Jeff in CT
  5. Where are you as I may be able to find a deck lid closer to you than mine in CT. thanks, Jeff
  6. Hi Dick, Is this for an AC or non AC car? thanks, Jeff
  7. Hi, I have a non running, but rolling, 1962 Cadillac sedan needing open transport from Stafford Springs, CT to Killeen, TX. It will be ready 8/5. If a 3 car carrier, I can get it to a big parking lot to load. It’s on a one car trailer now. Car is 18.5’ long. Please let me know your total and when this could be picked up. Thanks, Jeff@WillingtonCadillac.com
  8. 1966 Wildcat and Electra<!-- google_ad_section_end --> HTH, Jeff
  9. Any numbers, etc on the backside? thanks, Jeff
  10. The exhaust shop is making a big deal out of 'making' the pipes. A larger shop will only have to program their pipe bending machine to make these. Whether making them for a Pinto or Cadillac, pressing programming codes is all the same. The price for a complete dual exhaust system seems reasonable if installed. Haggle with them, everyone needs the money these days. The scissors tops on these are finicky, but if it works without hanging up, you're good. A top lasts about 10 yrs if left outside and the trick is getting a good trim guy to do it right. Total will probably be about $1k installed. Ask around at cruise nights and car shows and clubs who's good at it. You're correct on the tire size. This size was used on all full size cars of the era through the mid 80s, so getting that size is not a problem. Broadway used to make a ~2" www, but I'll get back to you on this. The quarter window probably has a broken roller or did somehow jump the tracks. Probably an easy fix, as it's only a regulator and tracks. Let me know I have a ton of parts for these cars. Climate control could be anything. In a convertible's later years, the odds of someone fixing the AC as opposed to putting the top down are slim. You'll have to dive in a start troubleshooting. The end game here is whether you like the car or not. If you have to have a '73 Eldo conv, then a rust free body is a good place to start. If you like other years, you're better off since '73 was the perfect storm of years to run from. Gaudy federal mandated safety bumpers, cheaper steel with notoriously bad paint jobs, lethargic detuned smog controlled engines, and the list goes on. I'm not against these cars, it's just '73s were ugly across the board in America. Do a google search and see how many articles were written on this. If you're looking to make money on a conv, you may want to start with a year with more potential. Anywho, a rust free conv. of any year makes the purchase much less painful down the road when it goes to the paint shop. Interiors are easy and if it was perfect, but pink you'd be in the same boat, so no big deal there. $3k seems like a fair price if it's all that. Any lower and things get a bit strange, especially on a car 37 yrs old. Best, Jeff
  11. Might it also be possible the power lead at the door jamb has split or the lead to the master switch is not making contact. I've sometimes found the leads to be corroded or more often the wires going through the door jamb to break from flexing constantly over the years. Hope it's just a CB. Jeff
  12. My first guess is a '59-64 Studebaker Air Flow
  13. Thanks Ed, I always get those two confused.....because I say I always get them confused. ;-) Jeff
  14. Built 1st week of May 64 1964 - 4=Buick, 7=Riviera, 47=Coupe, FB= Flint, MI plant, 14080=body sequence number 14080th made 607=Red vinyl, VV = Granada Red upper and lower Not sure about acc. Engine - 7=Riviera, K=1964, 1= Flint, MI plant, 898612 = production number KW=425 4bbl, 342 production number
  15. Hi, Max for drum is 11.06". The shop manual does not give specs for the rotors, explaining only how to replace the pads.... In the May '67 Serviceman, they say "machining is not recommeded". So, I guess it's back to the books to find old rotor specs somewhere. You could ask the CLC tech expert on '67-70 Eldos - Greg Houlton glen@planeteldorado.com Let us know what you find. thanks, Jeff in CT
  16. Well, it's straight and nice, but there a hole the size of a football at the usual lower rear spot. Oh well. I did find this "I have a complete set of front fenders in very good condition with hood 750.00.Watsonville ca. Tod 831-818-6515"
  17. Yes, the VIN is supposed to be stamped on the left (driver's side) of the top of the frame in line with the front engine crossmember. All other '67s are stamped on the RH side. The '67 shop manual repeats this. The F on the engine, does stand for a deVille convertible. It may be stamped elsewhere on the body or frame, but maybe the CLC tech expert for '67-70 Eldos can help. Email Glen Houlton at glen@planeteldorado.com and see what he thinks. Let us know, thanks, Jeff in CT
  18. Yes, storage is about 50 miles from here and I make the trip weekly. Please write me directly at Jeff@WillingtonCadillac.com so I can send a picture. thanks again, Jeff
  19. I have one if normal rust spot at the bottom is ok. I can remove it from a parts car I have at indoor storage if you'd like. thanks, Jeff in CT.
  20. 466396C1004324=Buick 66 = Wildcat Custom 39 = 4 door hardtop (no B Pillar post) 6 = 1966 C = built in South Gate , CA 100432 = 432nd Wildcat produced So, not sure what the conv stuff is all about unless the tag was from another car. A conv from the full size GM cars have different side windows too.
  21. Hi, I looked at the four wheelcovers in your gallery and believe they're 1950-53 Oldsmobile. http://photos.aaca.org/files/6/7/9/8/8/hubcaps.jpg The hood ornament almost looks like a '51 Chevy. Same vintage as the wheelcovers, but can't pin it down. Born in '60, so what do I know? ;-/
  22. Well, in that case. What do I owe you for postage to 06279? thanks, Jeff in CT
  23. Yup, '64 Maurader on eBay with non fastback roofline. HTH, Jeff
  24. Well, it seems there's one day left on this part for $15 on eBay but, I scoured the net to find the answer anyway. And me, a Cadillac guy! Doesn't really look like any of the trucks have it, nor other smaller cars. The 5xxxx might be for a roof emblem. Seems there is a fastback? (slanted) roof line and a regular (larger C pillar with inner curve). The latter uses a roof emblem, which looks like the one you show. I can't seem to find a close up picture of one, but here's one on a Maurader, which can in a four door also. I learned something today! http://www.mercurymarauder.org/pics/dwagner.jpg HTH, Jeff
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