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  1. I think the 62 model year would already have started by October of 61. I think the plant shutdowns for model changeover were typically in August. Your paint looks good. A little orange peel will make is look more authentic.
  2. A vendor named Booster Dewey can rebuild you brake booster I believe. Hemmings Motor News will have lists of vendors who can perform the services you seek. Good luck with it. Joe
  3. Just search on Ebay. There appear to be lots of small manufacturers and many of them are priced similarly at less than $100 complete with casters. I bought two a few years ago from a maker in Missouri but I cannot recall his name, for my AMC V8 engines. Or google engine cradles and search on images for one that looks good to you. Joe
  4. Anywhere from $500 to $2500 depending on how bad you want it. If you can see yourself in it, running and driving, make the seller an offer. Cars are personal, unless you are a dealer. Joe
  5. They are looking good but I was in my local PPG paint and body supplies store a few years ago while in the midst of patching the rear quarters on a Rambler. I told the guy at the counter that I was trying to block sand epoxy primer on the repair (PPG DPLF 50 to be exact) and the guy at the counter and two other customers in the store said almost in unison: You are not supposed to block sand epoxy primer. So what sandpaper are you using? Wet sanding?
  6. With a full reading on the gauge you might have an inadvertent ground somewhere in the system, not a bad or disconnected ground.
  7. You're gonna be thinking about that car while you try to fall asleep each night, I think.
  8. Metro Molded parts has a pretty extensive catalog of various types of weatherstripping, with many of the profiles shown along with dimensions. You can order a printed catalog from their website or browse profiles online. Joe
  9. I think that is supposed to be a "1" but was mis-struck. See http://www.tpocr.com/buickvin1.html for decoding your VIN. Joe
  10. If you google, The AMC Forum you can join that group. There are several people on the forum who will gladly help answer your questons. I do have several older Ramblers but I do not have one with the automatic transmission feature you describe. Joe
  11. I have also used a 65 Mustang tank on a 65 Rambler American. Yep, it works, but some modifications are needed as you mentioned.
  12. Perhaps the quoted reference was to lye, but electrolysis is usually done with washing soda ( sodium carbonate). The lye might have been useful for parts where all of the oil and grease had not yet been removed.
  13. please ask Greg how much horsepower and torque was generated by the OX-5?
  14. I thought you could order rings like that from Egge Machine, just by giving them the ring sizes.
  15. It is June, Jon but you are forgiven. The Cub Cadet hardly looks used.
  16. Just be sure the modified bolts are not long enough to collide with any protrusion(s) on the sides of the transmission or shifter parts (if it has a side shifter). I made that mistake in the past.
  17. You parked next to an AMC Pacer too. That helped to draw a crowd. LOL (I'm an AMC fan).
  18. .030 gap sounds excessive for the points. More like .016. If you are talking about the gap between the rotor end and the cap brass, I don't know what that should be. Joe
  19. Used glass would be a big mistake on that car. Looks great. Joe
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