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  1. Hi Fritz, Yes, it's hard to see the difference. The one on the left is the ball bearing type. There are bearings at 12 o'clock and one at 8 o'clock. The one at 4 o'clock is missing and that's why I had to replace the breaker plate. The photo on the right is the molded type bearing and you can see one installed at the top left and one at the bottom and there is one more that I hadn't installed when I took the photo. With the new breaker plate and molded bearings the car is running fine now. Well, I say that but about 10 years ago I installed an Edmunds dual intake manifold and then parked th
  2. The images of the ball bearing and molded bearings are attached Mike
  3. Does anyone know where I can get pre-made carpet for my 2 door Torpedo body model 48-2507? Thanks in advance Mike
  4. The molded bearings from the '39 work great in my distributor. It's running real well. Now to figure out why I don't have brake lights. How do you post photos? Mike
  5. I found a distributor from a '39 Pontiac which seems to fit and has the molded bearings. We'll see what happens Mike
  6. I recently purchased a distributor breaker plate for my Pontiac. When it arrived it was the replacement for the original ball bearing plate that my Pontiac has. It seems to use a molded bearing rather than the original ball bearings. The flanges that stick up are flat rather than cradled (like my orignal one) to hold a ball bearing. Question: does anyone know where I can find the molded bearings that fit into the ball track on my distributor? Are there other Pontiac distributors that use this design? Thanks, Mike
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