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  1. Hello Max, Thank you for your further reply. I wasn't clear enough in my previous reply. I had seen that auction result on the web which led me to send an inquiry to Kruse. It was then that they stated that they had no records for that auction. I found that odd but it left me with a dead end. Thanks again, Ray
  2. I have contacted Kruse and they reported having no records of the 1997 auction. Thank you, Gasmobile
  3. That's the car. I have been in contact with the owner who drove it on that tour. Seeking current owner to get more dimensions. Thank you, Gasmobile
  4. I am seeking the whereabouts of the "only" known 1901 Gasmobile Stanhope. Last known to have been in the ACD musuem and then sold at a Kruse auction in 1997. While the original restorer of this car (1977) generously supplied me with some photos, I really need more detail photos, measurements and chassis details to assist me with my 1902 Gasmobile Stanhope. (Same car) Did anyone out there attend the 1997 auction and possibly recall anything about the sale (purchaser) of this car? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. VIN # is 358382 - Identification number applied sequentially during production Body # is 0-5447, Trim # is 25, Paint # is 132 - This code translates to black fenders and body, Gold Bronze striping and optionally either black or St. Germain Red wheels. Job # is 33-559 - translates to an Eagle (sometimes incorrectly called Master) sedan (4 door). Hope this helps. Ray (From a VCCA member)