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  1. For Sale have 6 or more 1933 Packard 8 Wire wheels, 6 by 6 bolt pattern, 17 by 4 5/8 heavy duty, painted $130 each Bob McNeil at 303 795 0203 Colorado
  2. Hello I have For Sale, a set of four, three excellent, one solid but pitted 17 by 4 Wire Wheels for Packards from 1932 to 1936. These are 6 hole on 6 inch circle bolt pattern, heavy duty wire wheels made by Motor Wheel Co, These are 40 spoke wires with a 4.5 inch center hole and hub cap opening is 6.5 inches. Asking $900 for the set of 4, plus shipping. Phone is 303 795 0203 in Colorado or bbhmcneil@msn.com Thanks.
  3. Hello Looking for a Original, good column shift transmission, linkage, and steering column for a 39 4 Dr Convertible. also any extra top irons or parts that aren/t damaged. Phone is 303 795 0203, or email bbhmcneil@msn.com Thanks.
  4. Hello I have a 1936 Dodge Hood, 4 peice, straight except right top is folded. No 2 Hood, bare metal, has all handles hinge works but needs to be replaced=chrome peeling. This is the only 35-36 hood I found in 15 years. Willl sell this and other 36 parts; don't have a door, but latches, handles, window reg, Window garnishes left front and right front. Thanks Bob 303 795 0203 or bbhmcneil@msn.com
  5. Hello Someone contacted me in thse last two months, asking about the Rear Fenders. I thought they were gone, but found them in the storage shed last week, kept dry from the rain. They are still very good condition, still: For Sale. $400 for the pair, plus shipping. Thanks, Robert bbhmcneil@msn.com or 303 795 0203 in Colorado.
  6. I have an extra 1927-1928 -1929-1930 Rumble Lid, Steel that I saved from the wrecking Yard, don't know the make yet. Very solid, has been in my basement for 20 years. It measures 25 by 40 inches, has the heavy steel plate hinge brackets attached. The hinge plates are 37 3/4 inch apart. Also has the twin holes (handles?) or luggage trim at 34 inch apart. I suspect the inside stamping pattern will help identify this. Please let me know if you recognize this. bbhmcneil@msn.com or 303 795 0203 in Colorado. Thanks
  7. Surplus from my parts pile is a 1936 Chrysler Airstream Shell for Radiator surround and grille. This steel unit is all original, straight, no repairs no cracks no rust. All bolt holes for grille are in excellent shape, fender mounting holes likewise. .Removed from an undamaged car long ago. Asking $400 plus shipping from Colorado. bbhmcneil@msn.com or 303 795 0203 day and evenings. Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone. I have a 1928 style Plymouth Hood with the 3 inch square cut out just behind the radiator cap. This hood measures 34 inches long down the side hinge,and 30 along the center hinge, less the cutout Some cream primer has been sprayed along the joints to show the shape. Hinges work easily, panels are flat on the side, and correctly curved down the sides on the top rear. No cracks that I can find, no bullet holes, no dents, Fins are all good -22 each side. Would like to find a good home for this hood. From eastern Colorado sand hills. Asking $325.00 plus shipping. email is bbhmcneil@msn.com, or call me in Colorado at 303 795 0203 Robert
  9. Finally have identified these 2 old stock T28600 and 601 castings as 1932 Buick, not 31 LaSalle as I earlier thought. They are different lengths, but consecutive numbers. Came from Arizona desert outside storage, excellent threads on studs, original chrome is peeled away, and most of the casting surface is exposed without the pitting from a wet climate. they are crack free, and not abused, laying in the sun all those years. Asking $325 for the pair, plus $12.65 postage. EARLY TAKEOFFS. Robert McNeil at bbhmcneil@msn or phone 303 795 0203 in Colorado
  10. For Sale: a matching Pair of chrome Depress Beam, 1929 Model 75 Chrysler, possibly others, Head Lights, with large 1 inch bottom post. These come complete with glass, reflectors, bezels, latch peices. They have the nice brass Chrysler emblem at top. Driver quality, with a few very small dents and scratches, need rechroming for show. Two radial cracks at base of one bucket, bezels are not clamped down in photos. Asking $375 for the pair, bbhmcneil@msn.com, or 303 795 0203 in Colorado
  11. Hello Since I am unable to edit the original post, I will add a few comments. 1929 Chrysler 75 certainly seems to be main use all right, but several other candidates, like model 65, and some of the 1930 Chryslers used bowl shaped lights, but I am not sure the bases were the same. I am changing the asking price to $375, and also posting elsewhere Thanks
  12. Have left from a 1931 Chrysler CM-6 , a Folding Luggage Rack. This is 33 inches wide, 12 inches long, has 12 holes in the pattern. This very light, and folds up to 6 by 6 by 33. The bolt feet are 7.5 inches long, on 24 inch centers to fit frame support. Has one small dent in the margin to fix. Painted a deep copper color. Weighs 13 lbs, hinges work smoothly, don't see any number or name on it. Asking $ 225.00 plus shipping by fed ex. bbhmcneil@msn.com or 303 795 0203 phone in Colorado Robert McNeil
  13. For Sale: Pair of 1930 Chrysler Headligths Bowl Shaped, 11 inch diameter by 6.5 inches deep. Made by Depress Beam (CM Hall) came on several models, I think Chrysler 72 and75, maybe others. This pair is complete with posts, bezels, bezel locks. lenses, correct Chrysler emblem at top. Large one inch, bottom post at base. Driver quality plus, one small dent and two scratches on one, need rechroming for show. Two radial cracks on other bucket, 1 inch long. Bezels are not clamped down in the photos. Asking $400 for the pair. bbhmcneil@msn.com or 303 795 0203 in Colorado. Robert McNeil
  14. Hello I think it is 1928 or 1929, by the door side molding, and square top.. Not DA or Victory Six, slightly earlier.
  15. For Sale: I have sold my early 30's Dodges, but still have safely in the basement, in original black paint with steering wheel, a 1930 DD6 Steering column, great rubber wheel, no dents in tube, has horn button, goes down to bottom wear wires and rods connect to steering box. Asking $175 plus shpping. bbhmcneil@msn.com, or 303 795 0203. Thanks.
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