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  1. I don't know if these are the newer or older style pistons without some specification to compare. It is a six cylinder and balance will be checked before assembly. We may have access to a NOS set of flathead pistons which are 2-1/4" bore instead of 2-3/8". That would require sleeving all 6 cylinders! Not first choice, but the piston price is right making it an option. The pistons in the motor have about .002" wear and the ring clearance is about .003"-.0035". So loosing a little volume for NOS pistons may be better than sleeving for pistons with wider than desirable ring land clearance.
  2. Egges price was about $1200.00, so I expect I can go just about anywhere for a competitive price:( I would not have expected more than maybe half that.
  3. Just called Egge for some piston pricing, ouch!!! Does anyone have any alternate sources for some oversize pistons for a 1937 3620?
  4. I was very disappointed to receive my Steele Rubber weatherstripping as it was wrong ( 82-0050-72 ). The end at the back (door lock) was very wrong! Has anyone bought one that they thought was good? Thanks
  5. rcull

    1969 Riviera

    No, I hadn't noticed as I am not that familiar with the models. The asking price is 10,500.00US. Should have put that in the original posting:)
  6. rcull

    1969 Riviera

    Nice 1969 Riviera. Buckets, Consul, 430, automatic, a/c. Modified, original sound system. Less than what appears to be original 75,000 miles. The car is located in Creston B.C., on the Idaho border. It was imported from the U.S. by my brother.
  7. 1952 Roadmaster Convertible Project. Undercarriage is operating. 4bbl, power steering, power windows and seat. Completely rebuilt, Includes complete Convertible body in good condition. $10,000.00 Located on the Idaho/Canada border rcullbuicks.net
  8. It's safe to assume that this car is no longer available...
  9. I PM'd you regarding this car and never received a reply. So I thought I would try a posting. Do you respond to postings?