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  1. Hi Rick, you can send me in your canadian clutch for a good rebuilt. You Canadian car is mostly a Chevy. Look for Chevy for many parts. On engine and tranny it's a mix of both and some parts are Canadian Only. Can me if you need more help, I know canadian Pontiac very well. Fitz.
  2. I was looking for a while your restoration, very interesting!! I admired your patience! Fitz.
  3. Good looking Pontiac, it's always puzzled me to see the reversed dash! Fitz.
  4. Thanks a lot guys!! Fitz.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a gas door with hinge for a 51 Pontiac, someone can help? I made some phone calls and emails with no success before asking here. Thanks a lot and have a nice day. Fitz.
  6. thanks for your help Dave. Fitz.
  7. can someone help me on this one please? Suppose to be a vin# for 54 Pontiac: C8ZH6444 look weird to me. thanks Fitz.
  8. Great looking car to start with! welcome. Fitz.
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