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  1. There is a demand for good trim carpenters but they want you to work for next to nothing ($12 per hour $15 after a few years) and that is if you supply your truck , tools , and fuel and they expect you to let the crew to use your tools , been there , done that . The prices of the jobs have not gone down the prices are up , way up and a lot of people here do have good paying jobs , not as many as before but still they make money . That's why my plan was (if I could get it to work) was to buy unfinished projects for a good price and finish and sell , or like some of the guys suggested do repair work on older cars . I really never planned on anyone in this area to buy any cars from me if they do that would be great but I wont hold my breath . If all else fails I do plan on selling out and moving .
  2. Bernie your right about going without money for months at a time that's just the norm for me . As for the wife she thinks I should go for it , but she really likes cool cars so that makes it even better. I like all the replies cause it gives me something to think about and maybe even come up with a better plan.
  3. Isn't it really cold there ? I thought about moving to Tennessee where its warmer .
  4. I did they already have foreman and they work right with the crew and maybe harder than the crew , I'm sure you know how that goes.
  5. I know , I have seen a few at auction and cheap . So far around here there has been no problem with painting as long as your doing your own cars and not a lot of them so that's good , so far.
  6. Yeah its not worth getting up in the morning for that amount . The company I was subbing off was mostly rate work $35 and up but then all they had is concrete and I'm beat up enough as it is . If I knew that I would live this long I would have been taking better care of my self .
  7. Yeah , when I take my car out everyone always tells me I should start a shop and I have (in the past) turned down a lot of work , we will see maybe it will pan out .
  8. Restorer32 is from Pa isn't he ? I'm from Pa but I know a lot of guys that paint with no problems .
  9. I may try to do both for awhile and see how it turns out , I'm sick of the carpenter business and bidding low and the alternative is traveling for work and I'm not into that anymore . Thanks for the replies it gives me something to think about.
  10. I see your from j town I'm surprised that you guys have much work at all but good for you . I did a lot of work down that way years ago mostly for lawyers in the mid 80's . I still get calls to do remodeling so maybe I'll just do cars on the side .
  11. I hear you , I never saw the car buy they said it turned out nice but who knows what they consider nice.
  12. I have to give you guys an example of how things work up here , A few years back I had a guy call and wanted a 57 Chevy done was a really nice car and solid , he asked me what I'd charge per hour to restore the car I think I told him $20 an hour plus materials just for extra money , but he said that was to much and got the car done for something like $12 an hour .
  13. I hear you on the honey do list my house and yard have never looked so good , it makes the little women happy and that's always good. I do build hot rods but around here most guys build there own cars because they can't or won't pay anyone . About 4 or 5 years ago when carpentry was good I turned down more cars to build than I can count because I couldn't do both , maybe I should have build the cars .
  14. The problem around here as far renovation works goes is every time a company goes out of business 90% of the guys turn into carpenters . They will work for $8 to $10 an hour under the table plus their unemployment check and you just can't compete . As far as flipping houses there are so many empty houses here it's unreal , nobody wants to move here cause there are no jobs . In the last I'll say 6 months in the county I live in about 4000 mining and related mining jobs were lost . Remodeling used to be a good business (I've been doing it for 36+ years) but no more .
  15. Thanks for the replies guys . As far building cars here no problem as far as laws go , as is cars are just that . I find some good deals on projects around here because people run out of money so I think I could make a profit on these cars . Its a big decision with little choices . I'm finishing a 60 t bird now so this maybe the deal breaker .
  16. Hey guys , Wanted to know if any of you buy and restore cars for yourself and then sell as a business ? I really don't want to deal with the customers and around here I doubt you would find many because the economy is so bad The reason I'm asking is I'm a trim carpenter here in Pa. and the last couple of years work has gone from bad to worse , now the company I sub off of wants me to do concrete all the time and I said no , I'll be 54 in just a few weeks . Most construction companies around here want you to supply your truck , tools , fuel for a whole $12 an hour so that's out . I have been messing with cars since I was 15 and have built some nice cars and really enjoy it , I have a lot of the tools I need already and plenty of garage space so I'm already set up and I do all my own work from top to bottom . So can you make any money doing the cars this way ? I'm not looking to get rich just make a living. Thanks
  17. Hey I like that idea , I'll have to do some thinking on this one I just hope that I don't get myself in trouble . :D:D
  18. Well at least that gives me an idea of a value , who knows maybe I'll keep it for a while and build a speedster out of it (but I could use the money) , it would be a change from muscle cars and hot rods and I think my buddy was going to chop it up anyway. Thanks for the info guys this seems to be a really cool site. Rocky
  19. MC The title is a N.C. title , issue date is 09/06/77 and then the guy up here got the car. The title is still in the N.C. owners name and was never transfered , when I picked up the car and parts I was handed the title . So what do you think it would be worth ???
  20. You would have to move to Concord to make it feel at home cause thats where it came from. I looked on the frame but can't see any # as there is some pitting in that area but I'm going to take another look tomorrow . As for the serial # heres part of it , I don't know if it's safe to post all of it or not #A245**** maybe this will help.
  21. OK, guys here's some more info. The tire size is 21" , block #A2477945* , trans 4514B2 , I looked on the chassis for the serial # but it is not visible , the title # dosen't match the block . As one of the guys said about making a speedster project , thats the first thing I thought of doing (maybe I should keep it) . The guy that I got this from was going to haul it in for scrap so I just had to save it , as for the cowl he already had some parts for his project and then went and picked this one up for extra parts , the car came from N.C. Here's some more pics for you guys to look at.
  22. I'll post photos of the fenders and get tire size tomorrow. Thanks alot.
  23. trying to work out how to upload photos. think I got it.
  24. I'll try to post a few pics . This was a left over from a streetrod build , the guy had another car so he just took the body off for his project and the chassis was left intact. As far as offers go the guy just asked what I wanted , I think he figures that I'll let it go for next to nothing so thats why I figured that you guys would have a idea what its worth.