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  1. Top dollar paid for four or more very nice or perfect NOS caps! 4O6-57O-9552 6" ID 6 1/2" OD
  2. Thanks John! Looks for future posts regarding this. We'll need some help identifying some of these pre-war doors we saved.
  3. You do not need to be on Facebook to see the page. Here is the link ~ Also, when I handed Neil a huge wad of cash for the cars and parts we've saved over the past few weeks, he thanked me. Apparently, everyone won!
  4. Have you ever been to the yard? Take a look at the reaction on the site to judge whether "no one wanted them". There was no "preaching" on my part. I was only trying to get rare parts in the hands of those who appreciated them. Judging from the 18,000 hits that the post received on our Facebook page, and the hoards who came out to buy parts and complete cars in the two weeks before they were crushed, it seems you are in a very small minority. Obviously my poll did it's job. It certainly got your attention. It's all gone now, so you can relax and get off your soapbox.
  5. I'm refraining from comment until I pick up the last of my stuff... PS ~ I know of a VERY clean METEOR for sale in Butte if you are interested!
  6. On a more positive note, here is some of the stuff we saved!
  7. A terrible, sad, tragic day. We were able to haul off two trailer loads of pre-war parts, but the owner of the yard went ahead and crushed many of the whole cars that we had marked to save; including three '60 Desotos, two '61 Chrysler hardtop wagons, several late '50s Plymouth wagons, a few early 60s Imperials, and all of the A, B, and E body Mopars. We're headed back tomorrow, but it looks like all 20 acres of rust-free vintage cars will be stacked for crushing by Monday.
  8. Here are some updates ~
  9. He had a reputation for being notoriously over-priced the whole time the yard was open. He also could be a bit of a crappy fellow. Yes, there are a lot of ways he could have handled this better. If I would have not heard about the scrapping through the grape-vine, it all would have simply disappeared quietly in the night... Fortunately we've managed to buy some of it before it was crushed, albeit <.1%.
  10. I'm sure many of you have seen this carnage on the internet in different places, but here it is "from the horses mouth". For the past seven days, our vintage race team has frantically been trying to save as many vintage cars and parts as humanly possible from the crusher. One of the oldest salvage yards in RUSTFREE Montana is crushing EVERYTHING! The details are on my facebook page. Please read ALL of the posts from the past seven days BEFORE you ask questions! There are a very few complete restorable cars left (posted), but there is an AMAZING assortment of trim and glass from the 40s to 60s. If you want to help this weekend and are close to Whitehall, Montana please lend us a hand!
  11. Contact info is me~ 4o6-57o-9552 or Contact me directly and not through this site please! Also, take a look at my facebook page. There is a HUGE scrap going on at a local salvage yard. Help me save some vintage tin!
  12. The Fast Four Special had an outstanding week at Bonneville this year setting FOUR new landspeed records with the old Dodge four banger in the '28 Dodge roadster... the best of which was 144 MPH. I haven't update the website yet, but there is an ongoing tally on our Facebook page.
  13. We just came off of the dyno and are headed to Bonneville for the 65th Annual Speedweek. The 'slightly modified' 1928 Dodge 212" Flathead 'Fast Four' Banger made 186 RWHP. Wish us luck for our 6th Vintage Four Cylinder Bonneville record!
  14. 1955 Chrysler 300 Complete Side Trim Set Moulding Imerial Very Nice 331 Hemi | eBay 1955 Chrysler 300 Bat Wing Air Cleaner Filter Assembly 331 354 392 Hemi | eBay 1955 Chrysler 300 Imperial Grille Assembly | eBay
  15. Butte, Montana ~ Feel free to give me a call if you're interested 4O657O955TWO ~ Pete
  16. Gentlemen, thanks for your input. I too felt the car was worthy of asking $15,000 for. With all due respect, I place very little weight on price guides, prices of other cars for sale, and auction results, and more on real-world sales. If anyone wants to make a fair offer on this car, please let me know. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again!
  17. The service truck just received the rear axle from a 1970s Dodge motorhome. Same bolt pattern, but 4.11 gears instead of the 5.88s, and much better brakes. Amazingly, all it required was spacing the leaf spring shackle brackets 1" from the frame with blocks of steel plate to match the axle pad width. Much easier than relocating the pads. Rear is approximately 6" wider overall. A really clean and easy swap! Next up, a '66 Dodge 318 Poly motor and a Dodge Dakota 4 speed OD transmisson.