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  1. Trying to see if anyone can help identify the attached Type 48 ID Tag. 18366 identifies it as a '23 per the Locomobile Society records. I'm wondering if "NK" refers to a particular body builder before the company was sold to Durant in '23. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Cleaning out garage. Spare tire carrier for a '31-'32 Auburn wood wheel. Includes new tire and tube already attacked. $300. Located in TX.
  3. Interested in the engine. Could you please send me a PM? Thanks, Mark
  4. I have a 1931 Auburn 898A 4-Door sedan that is complete. Most pieces restored, awaiting paint & reassembly. Happy to discuss if interested.
  5. Interested in the Pilot Ray. Email me @
  6. I have both SR & S rebuilt. Give me a call @ (650) 740-5580. Mark
  7. Model T Ford Speedster: ground-up build less than 1-yr. ago. Every piece has been refurbished/powdercoated/painted. Beautiful car (& fast). Frame/Firewall: 1915 "T" Engine: late T block, Morton & Brett Indianapolis OHV; updraft carb Transmission: 3-speed KC Warford Rear End: 1915 "T" Radiator" Brassworks Livingston deep-V Wheels/Tires: Mclaren wire wheels with brand new Excelsior tires/tubes (black) Brass: 1909 Ford script (not hooked up) - professionally polished Seats: leather (steering chain driven for right rake while seated) I'm 6'0" and 185lbs. so the car was laid out for comfortable driving. Located in San Francisco, CA. Asking $28k. Mark (650) 740-5580
  8. Happy to do so. Was unable to post last time. Please send a personal email to and I will forward picture. Best, Mark
  9. Very good shape. Not used for a Model T speedster project. (Unable to upload pictures) Please request if interested. Asking $500/bo. Located in San Jose, CA. Mark (650) 740-5580.
  10. I am selling these vehicles and all of their related components as one lot - I do not intend to split/mix-match/part out pieces at this time. I am asking $45,000 for everything. Given skinning an Auburn can cost upwards of $100k and an engine rebuild in excess of $12k, I think I am offering a very fair price for everything I've collected over the last 6 years. Cars are located in Northern CA. I will only send pictures to seriously interested parties (sorry, we're all busy) and happy to work closely with the right buyer. Thanks, Mark (650) 740-5580<o></o> <o></o> A. Parts to Complete a 1931 898A Speedster<o></o> 1. 1931 Auburn (no body) will full drivetrain – unrestored<o></o> 2. Columbia 2-speed rear axle<o></o> 3. Sheetmetal skins - completed (see weblink below)<o></o> 4. Gas tank cover (extended for the speedster)<o></o> 5. Wooden buck for the speedster<o></o> 6. Various castings (plus casting moulds) for the speedster body, including windshield, door pillars<o></o> 7. Pair of front fenders (need wheel wells restored)<o></o> 8. Running Boards<o></o> 9. Splash aprons – need to be modified for the speedster<o></o> 10. Rear fenders – need to be modified for the speedster<o></o> 11. Cowl and hood<o></o> 12. Radiator shell, grill surround<o></o> 13. Headlamps, cowl lamps, tail lamps<o></o> 14. Instrument cluster gauges<o></o> 15. Wiper motors (speedster length)<o></o> 16. Top bows /wood & irons for the speedster top<o></o> 17. What I do not have: front/rear bumpers (have a source); interior/exterior door handles (have a source); ash-framed body; seat springs<o></o> <o></o> Photos of the body being built on the buck:<o></o><o></o><o></o> <o></o> B. Parts to Complete a 1931 898A Four Door Sedan<o></o> 1. 1931 Auburn restored chassis<o></o> a. Blasted & painted; all 4 corners rebuilt; rebuilt differential and transmission; engine – 95% rebuilt (new pistons, valves, reground cam, crank, block completely gone through – in process of being reassembled - can be finished if desired); steering rebuilt<o></o> 2. Unrestored 1931 Four door sedan body – wood, steel and structure very good; interior and top in tact; seats and carpets intact; all glass present – just missing interior and exterior door handles (along with one windshield wiper)<o></o> 3. Columbia 2-speed rear axle (was an option for ’32)<o></o> 4. Pair of front fenders<o></o> 5. Running boards<o></o> 6. Splash aprons<o></o> 7. Rear fenders<o></o> 8. Cowl and hood<o></o> 9. Radiator shell, grill surround<o></o> 10. Headlamps, cowl lamps, tail lamps<o></o> 11. Instrument cluster gauge <!--EndFragment-->
  11. Spartan Model 167 4-trumpet horn. Excellent condition - physically and mechanically. $200/bo. Mark (650) 740-5580. Located in Northern CA.
  12. Neverout Brass Headlamp: 10" diameter; perfect brass & glass (recently professionally polished), magnifying glass illuminator - $850/bo. Climax Brass Headlamp, 11" diameter; Sibley & Pitman, NY. also perfect brass & glass. $850/bo. Pictures available. Prefer to sell as a pair. Thanks, Mark (650) 740-5580. Located in Northern CA.
  13. Ivan: What's the best way to get in touch with Stan Francis. I have not joined the Stutz Club yet so don't have a membership directory. My cell is 650-740-5580. Thanks, Mark