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  1. Is this a single two barrel manifold, and is it still available? If so, I am interested in purchasing it. What is the least you will take for it? Thanks, and have a safe day! Tommy 540-297-7526
  2. MSMAZCO: Thanks for the quick reply. My current plan is to house the car enclosed in the trailer (it will have an air conditioner and heater) under a shed with enclosed sides and open ends. However, I do have at least two other options at this point in time. I am in the process of building a garage that I could possibly build a separate enclosed (air conditioned and heated) area for the car. The second option is I can make the garage deep and high enough to back the trailer in it. However, it would not be deep enough to unload the car without pulling the trailer at least part of the way out.
  3. I am new and "green" at this and asking for help! I am in the process of having a 1935 Ford restored, and am building a new garage. My question is: would it be reasonable to store the car in an enclosed trailer equipped with air conditioning and heat, and parked in a drive through shed - or would it be better to create a separate enclosed area in the garage? The car tires will be resting on, and secured with over-the-tire bonnets to a flush-with-the-floor E-Track system. I will have access to the driver side door through an escape door on the trailer.
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