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  1. There is a listing on eBay for some Brand New, still in the packages, TC wheel center emblems. Expensive, but when did you last see any NEW ones? And some used ones are for sale at $99.00 EACH!
  2. At last! I am able to drive! The Red TC16V is still for sale. It is now in Riverside, CA if anyone wants to take a look at it. Let me know and we can set something up. Thanks for the well wishes. Bill
  3. Hello All. Here is an update for everyone on the Red 16V TC I have for sale. It hasn't even moved for two months. Not because it can't, but because I can't move it. While attending a trade show in Las Vegas in December, my partner and I were hit by car that jumped the curb and hit us from behind on the sidewalk. He was killed and I have a severly broken left leg. If the TC were an automatic, no problem. Pushing the clutch however is impossible. The car is still for sale, so if you know of anyone that is interested, let me know. Thanks,
  4. For anyone that is interested, the new thermostat fixed the heating problem. The bridge had broken right off of the original Italian thermostat after only 20 years. I wonder if it is still under warranty? LOL. Contact me if you know of anyone interested in this Umbrella and Tool Kit equipped TC. Thanks!
  5. Hello Maserati Fans. Here are some pictures of the Red TC 16V that is going to get a new thermostat tonight in the hopes that the cooling problem will go away. If it doesn't, it is probably the water pump. Not a big thing, but something I would rather let the next owner deal with. The pictures were taken with my cell phone, and I apologize for the quality. Bill.
  6. I am at my house in Rancho Mirage this weekend but will be back in Newport Beach Monday. The TC is there and I will be available to show it any time in the evenings. I will reply to you each via email so my phone number is not out there for all the world to see. Thanks for your interest. Bill.
  7. It may be that most of the people that fell for the charms of these little guys also love the charms of no winters.
  8. Hello all. This is my first post here. My 1990 Red 16Valve overheated on the way home last night. I have no time to determine what happened. It may just be a bad thermostat, but who knows. The car has 77,000 miles showing, (odo inop) and it still starts and runs ok. New clutch, $1,500 Turbo repair. Let me know if anyone is interested in it. Ask questions and I will answer them. I have had three TC's (all at once) and now it is time for someone else to have the fun (and the pain) of this one. I will take some pictures of it as soon as possible and put them on here. Thanks, Bill.
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