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  1. Hi Pete. Like Tedd has mentioned, the Classic Oldsmobile forum has lots of folks working on '56 Oldsmobiles. Some of them have spare parts or parts cars. It's worth checking out. Did you ever get that motor sorted out? Last I heard from you it sounded like you'd be needing pistons.
  2. Oh ! :eek: That sounds like a nightmare! I'll keep my eye out for some pistons. If I run across any for a good deal I'll send you a message.
  3. Scarebird has a kit. Scarebird Classic Brakes LLC
  4. I just wanted to say thanks for all the help Pete. The car made it out to Moncton and is now in the hands of my parents (who are treating it like a grandchild:D They've been enjoying cruising it in and plan a body restoration this winter. Hopefully I can still pick your brain when we run into more questions. If you're interested, here's a video I made about the event: Thanks again! Jay
  5. After driving this car around the last few weeks, I've noticed many times when it's in high gear and should kick down. Like for instance cruising around town and going up a hill. Somewhere around 30mph I'm already in high gear. At that speed even the slightest hill causes the engine to lug. I wish I would have had more time to correct all the wrongs of this car. 54 years of people tinkering takes it's toll. I'm sure my dad will take his time and make it right. I spent my time with the car making it safe to drive and be reliable. All new hoses, belts, wires, fluids, carb rebuild, balancer rebuild, new pitman seal, tires and a ton of other things. I'm hoping my parents will enjoy the car this summer and then start work on it in the fall. Thanks for all the help. It's been much appreciated.
  6. I've seen your praises of the Bill Hirsch paint before. That's the stuff I'll use. I'm sure of what tranny is in the car. It's the same as my 56 Cadillac. 4 speeds, has the park position and is heavy as a tank!
  7. In the first picture, the throttle lever "G" looks nothing like mine. Mine looks like a piece of flat stock with holes drilled along it. Also although my Rod "A" looks the same, I could not make it short enough to adjust the linkage correctly. I made my own rod. Somethings not quite right. Too many years of people jerry rigging things. I've researched the correct green and it's fairly dark. Somewhere near John Deere green I suppose. This one is a Detroit diesel color. I've seen cans of duplicolor Alpine green and I'm sure that's what mine is. It's a very light green. here it is : Detroit Diesel Alpine Green Engine Enamel Paints - DE 1618 - Detroit Diesel Alpine Green Paint, Detroit Diesel Alpine Green Color, Dupli-Color Engine Paint, 5B9E68 - Art-Paints.com
  8. I'm pretty sure the Transmission has been out, not sure if it's been opened. It's painted the same incorrect alpine green that the engine was painted. Thanks for the help!
  9. the car is red and white. It's an easy one to spot because the two tone is wrong for this year. The the hood and upper front is white the roof and lower is red. I've seen 55's where the roof matched the trunk not the hood. I've never seen a 56 that way. (it was like that when I got it!) Know any good transmission shops out that way that know their way around these Jetaway units?
  10. I'm not going to make it in time for the show. The car gets shipped out this Friday, but it turns out I've got work to do out here that I can't get away for. Sad to miss it, but I was there for one day of it last year. I'll be flying in on the 22nd to pick up the car and deliver for my parents 50th anniversary. It's a complete surprise to them. Still no kickdown by the way. I checked the linkage on the tranny for my 56 Cadillac that's sitting on my floor in my shop. There is a definite spot on the linkage where it hits a stop, and you can pull up a little more. When you let go it springs back. On my Olds, there's no stop and no spring feeling. It just slops around freely. I'm guessing someone had it apart and didn't put it together properly.
  11. mine came apart last month. The rubber was completely shot, When I pulled the balancer off it came off in 2 pieces!! I sent it to a guy in Oregon who rebuilt it and sent it back in under 2 weeks. Cost around $125.00 Here's his info: David "Dale" Langsather Dale Manufacturing 3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E. Salem, ORegon USA 97301 (503) 364-8685 PST dalemfg@q.com home page
  12. I'm going to spend a whole day alone with that linkage and get it right. I'm not sure if the car will be ready in time for the show, but I've got lots of family in New Brunswick to visit. Truth be told, the plan for this car all along was to ship it via train to Moncton, hopefully make the show, and give the car to my folks as it's their 50th anniversary this summer. If I don't get it together in time for the show, the car will still be out there.
  13. Thanks a bunch Pete! I can see where that spring goes and like you I think it's to prevent unwanted downshifting at part throttle. I'll have to monkey with that linkage some more I guess. I got it to where it shifts well. When I shorten the rod to the carb that you're holding, my shifts get sloppy and still no kickdown. When I first started adjusting linkage, the rod down to the tranny was loose at the tranny. I pushed it down and with little resistance it kept going until the bracket it hooks to was sticking straight down and visible underneath the car. I tightened it back up, but maybe it's not in the right spot to pull that rod up enough to engage the downshift. At least now I'm back on the right track and am a lot less frustrated! Thanks!
  14. It was just pointed out to me that page 3-84 in the 56 shop manual shows a pic of the downshift lever and my missing spring. I have no idea where the other end of that spring attaches though.
  15. Thanks Pete. where does the missing spring go? If you've got pics I'd love to see them! I'll check on the downshift rod. I know if I push it all the way down it hits a stop and doesn't do anything. I'll try pulling up on it and seeing if I feel the detent. You're in Moncton I see. My car is headed there in July!