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  1. I found a set of wood wheels from a DB standard six. 19 inch. Can anyone tell me that they fit my 17 roadster. I'm going to be pestering you guys / gals for info . I do appreciate your time and hopefully can give you some help sometime in return. If these will fit, I'll be rolling soon. Won't take much to be driving.
  2. I like it. If someone knows where there are cars like that for $680, I'll take a dozen.
  3. Thanks Jan, I decided to try to sell it after trying to figure out and find wheels for it. I've spent at least 24 hours this week trying to find wheels on ebay and other online places. I can't seem to find them on ebay. If you would message me with an item # I could send you a check for your finders fee. If this car had wheels on it........I could drive it. If I could drive it I would end my listing and keep / restore the car. I found a set of disc type on ebay but they were chevy. Very frustrating.
  4. Dave......... is there a website / book that I can buy that will have casting # identification info. Seems that would be the easiest way to figure out what years all the parts that were in the trunk are. You must have all this stuff memorized. lol
  5. Thank you Dave, I have another set of w/shield posts that were on the trunk . maybe they are the correct ones. I do thank you for the wheel info, I was stumped. Now I know what to look for. Again........Thanks
  6. Thats some thick sounding oil your running there. I'm no expert on DB's for sure. I have always replaced 600w with a 50/50 of 140w and stp or lucas additive. If it heats up there's to much friction. That would scare me. Just a noobie here but I have worked on a lot of oldies.
  7. Frame # 108615 there is a pad just above the intake that has A5 stamped.
  8. I really appreciate every ones input on this car. You guy's must really know your DB's. I've been reading up on those boy's.... quite interesting. I had a 28' A a couple years ago, I really liked that car. I bought this one thinking I could have the same "fun", but parts are hard to find as I don't know the cars. Like the wheels....... I have no idea what to look for. I know Chevrolet used a 6 lug in the 30's but I wouldn't think that their wheels would fit. The front wheels are 6 hole 18 inch, I have not pulled the rear, "home made wheels off. Can someone tell me exactly what years and what
  9. I don't think it will draw a bid. Thats my reason for being here.........looking for a little knowledge and maybe some parts / advice. I am pretty good with the 50's cars but this is a little different. I will get the serial # in the morning. I have the top parts, even the wood bows tho I'll have to make new ones. I hate to rat rod something so old if I can bring it back.
  10. When it doesn't sell, I'm going to need parts. Starting with a wheel. Aparently I thought it was worth way more than it actually is.
  11. Wow.....That does look just like mine.lol I see there is little interest on there also. I really thought roadsters were in high demand.
  12. Thanks, I knew the wheels were wrong. But if I can get another maybe I can drive it. I fired it up and it runs fine. I have a 53 New Yorker w/331 I have almost got in running shape too. Anyway....Thanks for the help.
  13. here is a pic. I'm all excited but I guess these must be worthless
  14. Mornin folks. I have just purchased a 1917 DB Roadster on an impulse. I have some oter old cars but was struck by the age and condition of this old desert find. I got it started and it runs good but I'm missing some parts. I assume the old car is worth fixing. Can anyone point me to a parts supplier. First thing I really need is a wheel and tires. It presently has 5.25 / 5.50 x 18 wheels, 6 hole. I am missing 1 wheel. what would be a reasonable price to pay for one of these in restoreable condition? How do you post pics here? Thanks to all
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