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  1. I used a set of Jeep Cherokee springs that my buddy was running in his 68 C-10 race truck. They bolted right into place. No cutting, no fussing no mess. 20 minute job tops. I still have the stock springs and they will go with the car. Personally I don't like heating or cutting springs. It messes with the function of the springs so it made more sense to find a suitable replacement. I have driven it like this for about 3 years now with no issues.
  2. NEW PRICE $6500. Clean Colorado car. Three on the tree.... lots of parts and options for this one I am local to Colorado Springs. My 53 Buick is a clean driver. 263 Runs good and pulls strong. It has a new clutch and a new fuel pump installed within the last year. Recently I fixed the wipers and the defroster. Heat and radio are next on the list. This is a clean Colorado car with a pinhole rust spot on one lower corner under the car. Paint is good from 20ft. The PO did a cheap job. Interior is clean and all glass is nice save one rear window that has a crack in the glass that does not go all the way through. Car has original wheel covers and I will throw in the original 1958 JC Whitney 4 bar lancers. I also have an extra speedo, fiber glass fender skirts, original rear springs to unlower the rear, 50th anniversary Buick marble given with purchase of car, 56 Buick upper control arms if you desire to upgrade the lever shocks, original clutch and pressure plate if you desire to have these rebuilt and restore that factory feel to the clutch.... etc etc. As always cash is king. This is an unmolested beauty. Drive and enjoy as is or the perfect platform for a full out restoration. Last year of the straight 8, last year of 6volt and 50th anniversary of Buick. email at mike.lamphere@gmail.com or for more photos
  3. She has been drivin real nice, you can pretty much just driver her home. No smoke, no miss, just runs like a dream
  4. Nice driver car. 1966 chevy bel air 4 door. This is a colorado car clean very little rust 97,000 on the clock, original 283 and power glide, not smoking one bit. Clean interior...NO SPRINGS IN YOUR BUTT!!!!! Even has a mounted set of snow tires in the trunk for winter fun daily, the more I drive it the more I love it. Alas, I need to fund other projects at this time. Drive it, restore it, or even make a 60's kustom...bell flower tips, air bags, astros and some panel paint! hit me up on here or at mike.lamphere@gmail.com I have frame shots if you want em. now for the pics!
  5. 1966 chevy bel air four door great driver. 283 and powerglide 97,000 original miles on this one. runs stops and turns like it should Drive it home today. $2500 obo
  6. Do you have any photos of your ride? I'd love to see the stance...
  7. There is still plenty of play in the clutch before you can feel it engage... This poor car had been sitting for 6+ years when I found her in a barn...gettin her up to speed has been fun...the carb is kinda wonky...all sorts of stuff electrical etc etc etc..
  8. I adjusted the linkage a tiny bit....and it went away...maybe the car sat so long, now that I'm drivin it...everything needs adjustment
  9. ok, hopefully I an drive it for a few more days til I can get into this thing... I am going to try to adjust the linkage a bit and see if that helps... If I beg and plead, I have a buddy with a few car lifts...maybe he will take pity.
  10. I suppose the other question is where can I find these parts at a decent price?
  11. is it rough to do this? I assume either the trans or the engine has to come out
  12. I agree that driver skill has lots to do with it... and although those convertible mustangs are heavier... I was told by a good friend that races at the strip that you get a tenth of a second for the first 100 pounds removed..after that the law of diminishing returns kicks in...
  13. ok, I am gettin an odd screeching noise from my 53 buick special with manual trans...it sounds awful, like a loose belt or something...metal rubbing on metal... when I push my clutch pedal in maybe 1/2 inch to an inch...not even engaging it...the sound goes away.... is this just a linkage issue? My clutch does not always fully engage for first... or is this something much more sinister?
  14. I am actively exploring air bags...With coils on all four it should not be that bad