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  1. what is meant by a progressive tour? I have been on HCCA hub tours and CCCA tours which go to a different hotel each nite thanks- Mike
  2. still for sale? is locomobile printed on the top plate?
  3. that's what I thought but where would "locomobile" come into play. and the 10?
  4. I bought a 1914 Locomobile a few years ago. I had found this some where - maybe a flea market. it looked interesting but I have no idea of what it is. Maybe a race trophy the last line has 10 on it. any ideas??? Mike
  5. I have just received a bunch of tools and jacks from a friend of mines estate. many of these have company name on them but they are on a plate that is secured to the side of the jack. I do have a jack for a 1914 locomobile, I will check it out when I get home. when I bought my loco, I received a bunch of tools with it. most appear to be of the era but not marked loco Mike
  6. bud's springs in Lancaster, pa got name from the amish who are making wooden wheels for my 1914 locomobile. I figured they would know because their buggys all have some form of springs
  7. found someone to make them, will keep you posted, picking up in late jan
  8. it looks like I will reconsider radials, but is there a better brand or tread type that will give me a better ride?. The tires now make my front end go all over the place when I hit an imperfection in the road
  9. I am working on a 1914 locomobile and need to get some new leaf springs made. seems simple enough, I have the old ones which are very straight forward. As I have found out - most just order something from a book- very few actually make them. looking for some one in eastern Pa or NJ thanks - Mike
  10. we will be touring this summer in a 1936 Packard with 7.50 x 17 tires and I would like to find someone who supplies radial tires. I heard they were available but haven't come up with much yet. thanks - Mike
  11. need your phone so I can text you a pic of my fenders Mike
  12. al- send me your phone number again so I can text you a few pix of the fenders, which I will do tonite or tomorrow afternoon Mike
  13. Al - I am bringing my repro rear fender to Hershey, if you are going to be around Mike
  14. I have used powder coating on wire wheels - they sandblasted them and powder coated for $75 per wheel and a couple day turn around. also had a big frame done- $400. complete. I think it's great clean quick and fairly inexpensive
  15. I purchased a 1914 Locomobile and I am trying to find the original purchaser of the car. I have got back to 1920. it was purchased by a wealth family in NYC , in 1920 it was given to the chauffeur as a wedding present. I have found the chauffeurs name , but I am figuring that if you needed a license it may have an owner on the info. I have tried the ny city dmv , and they don't seem to have any info pre 1980 thanks- Mike
  16. I am trying to find someone that makes correct running board rubber for a 1936 Packard conv sedan with a 148 wheel base. I had bought them years ago and I need a new set. thanks- Mike
  17. Al - saw you are looking for a rear fender, I may have what you need. I have a 1914 Limo that I had some one from the car club make me a set of rear fenders. He is in Ohio and I am in NJ , he copied them off a car in Ohio but it was the wrong year. I can send you pictures and dimensions if you want- it is a pair I believe the car he used was a 1912 Mike
  18. I am looking to buy a DuPont spectra master solid color fan. these are like a paint fan that you get from a house paint co, but only for autos. I am looking for the solid non metallic version thanks- mike
  19. I am in the process of restoring a 1914 Locomobile, I need to get new spark plugs and need to know the correct ones to get. anyone help? Mike
  20. We have a set of rear fenders for a 1912 Locomobile. These were just reproduced. Came out perfect . Located in eastern Ohio. they can be shipped for an additional fee. Price is $4500. contact Mike at 908-202-7182 or email