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  1. Call it what you want. I'm just happy it is in Oconomowoc! Planning on showing my truck and '59 MGA
  2. The grey is correct. Bill Hirsch sells a perfect match to the original color. Orange was a respray and was not correct.
  3. Awesome to hear you are thinking Boatswain blue. I have not seen one! I keep going between Swift red or matching my pick-up with the Brewster Green (both with bllack fenders/running boards). I need to find somone that is good with photoshop so i can see all the color options. Mine will be restored as correct as possible (similar to my pickup).
  4. Any updates Doc? I would like to keep in touch during your restoration. I am also restoring a '46 burb and would love to compare notes..... Tim www.46chevytruck.com
  5. I took a good part of the day to clean up and reformat my Webpage - www.46chevytruck.com. For those not familiar with it, you will find a lot of resources for the 1941-1946 Chevy trucks. It has grown over the years and I continue to add to it as I get new resources and learn new things. I always welcome new entries/info. It also have a restoration log for both my 1/2 ton '46 pickup and my 1/2 ton Carryall Suburban '46 I added some new photo albums to the web page that include Vintage photos, Adds and Abandoned photos. This page is strictly out there as a free reference for everybody to use and you won't find any sort of adds on it (other than the header from the Web hosting site). I have included a links page of various vendors and other helpful sites. Since I cleaned it up, I just figured I would "re-introduce" it for those not familiar. Let me know if there is something else you would like to see on it. In addition, let me know how it loads up on your end.... Tim
  6. Have access to an unrestored 1935 Pontiac. Contact me if interested. 46chevy@att.net
  7. We are quickly approaching last call for for woodies for this great concours event in Milwaukee, WI. So far we have a ’35 Ford, ’46 Chevy, ’46 Olds, ’50 Buick, ’53 Mercury and we are awaiting final confirmation on a couple of other woodies. Ideally, we want between 6-8 woodies to have what we feel is a nice sized class of cars. That being said, we are looking for a few more. The deadline for the selection committee is mid-May so any referrals you can provide are greatly appreciated. Even if you dont have a woodie to show at this great event, we hope to see you there! Contact me directly to help facilitate the entry process. 46chevy@att.net or Tim Sheridan 262-244-0862
  8. Last call for entries. The Masterpiece registration deadline is may 15, 2012. If you are interested in submitting your woodie for consideration, please let me know as soon as possible. Tim
  9. We are looking for one or two wood boddied wagons to round out our Woodies class at this year's Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d'Elegance on August 26, 2012 The Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d'Elegance celebrates automotive art and history with over 150 vehicles from across the United States and Europe. Automobiles on display include Duesenberg, Bentley, Mason, Gale, Morgan, and Ferrari. Motorcycles include Indian, Harley-Davidson, Triumph and Brough Superior. Beautifully restored and impeccable original examples of motoring history grace the showfield. Interested owners of wood bodied wagons should contact Tim Sheridan at 262-244-0862 46chevy@att.net or visit The Milwaukee Masterpiece | Concours d'Elegance for more information. Thank you, Tim Sheridan Woodies & Wagon Class Chair The Milwaukee Masterpiece
  10. I agree with the commentary that this car should be preserved and not rodded out! I have however, decided that I will not be moving forward with the purchase of this car. Has nothing to do with how great the car is and more to do with the time and space element on the homefront. If you know of anyone that has an interest in picking up this great car, let me know and I can pass on the contact info to the owner.
  11. Went and saw the car today. It is pretty much how I remember it. Pretty solid. The passenger side door sags and the hinges are visibly loose. Not sure if there is wood behind the metal that has just gone bad or if the hinges just need to be tightened. The car is very complete and there is quite a few exra parts in it. The truck is like a little time capsule. There is another hood ornament with the car that has the hoop in it. I posted a bunch of photos here: 1935 Pontiac Sedan What do you think?
  12. Thank you for all of the replies. i am familiar with the cost to completely restore a vehicle (just visit my screen name web page - Sheridan's 46 Chevy Truck - a restoration log of my truck restoration). My estimates above are the bare bones basics to get it back on the road. I hope to go look at the '35 on Saturday and will photgraph the heck out of it and post them for all to see. Stay tuned. Still not sure if I will get it or not. I guess it depends on the condition. Tim
  13. I will post photos one way or another. It is a really neat car and I will take a LOT of photos to document what I can (even if I dont buy it).
  14. Absent past auctions or sales, I am struggling to put a value on this car. It is basically an unrestored original that has not run in 20+ years. The car is complete with the exception of a chrome (or SS) molding that goes along side of the running board (one side is there). Overall the car is solid with a few exceptions (repairs needed int he trunk and some of the interiod woods needs work). I will get some photos hopefully this weekend but if it all looks in order I would like to buy it (assuming the price is right). That's a bit of the issue. Neither the seller nor I even know where to start. I want to be fair because this is a long time friend of mine but I also dont want to over pay. Depending on the condition, I would either return it to a survivor running condition or completely tear it down for a full concour restoration. To get it back to running condition (assuming I would need to completly go through the mechanicals), I figure I am in it for at least 6-8K after the rebuilds and some interior work not including the purchase price. So here is the question: assuming a solid unrestored original that has had the mechanicals all rebuilt - what is the estimated value on the open market? Is it worth 10-15K or would it only pull the 6-8k that I would need to put into it? It would be a nice art deco pair sitting next my truck.
  15. A good friend of mine contacted me tonight about his 2-door 1935 Pontiac sedan. He was willed the car back in 1988 and the car has been sitting in his storage ever since. He has reached a point that he realizes that he will never get to restoring it and has offered it to me as my next project. I know nothing about these cars other than it is a pretty cool looking black sedan with suicide doors. This particular car is best described as a survivor. It has not run in years and would need a complete restoration (or could possibly go through the mechanicals and leave the rest as is). I hope that there are some Pontiac people out here that can point me in the right direction on these cars. I believe his price is fair but I have been unable to find any comparable 35's out there (sold in the past or currently for sale). Anybody have any general thoughts on this year and make car? Thanks in advance! Tim
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