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  1. Donn, Forgot the $25.00 trailer parking fee also went to pay for off duty POLICE OFFICERS. who were on duty from dark to sun up. They rode around all night keeping a eye on everyone's show cars,,, trailers,,, and tow Vehicles....
  2. Hi Donn,,, I'm Gary Ruby, the Technical Director for Chesapeake region. I was upset at your remarks.. We did our best to make sure everyone had a great time at our meet. So with that said I would like to reply to your statements. 1st the no motor homes rule Came from our club, the main reason was space we had over 225 trailers coming and motor home would have made it more crowded, people were told that when they registered , if they said the had a RV.. And were told about the camp grounds in the area, as for Trash cans you could not have looked around, our club had brought a lot of square
  3. Would you have a power seat switch for a 54 olds 98 ???? if so how much, trying to get a old girl back on the road after sitting a while....Thanks Gary rubys55chevy@comcast.net
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