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  1. I spoke with Gary, really good guy. Thanks. One more question, any idee where i could buy the whole interior of the car? I am refering to the tapestry of the car.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I will give him a call tommorow.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I already made tranzactions with bob from California, good dealer. I will try also the other you mentioned.
  4. I am interested in buying rocker pannels, nos, old or reproduction. If you have for sale please let me know.
  5. Hello, just added a new car to my collection. I am from Romania and I bought few months ago these car from the USA. I started restoring the car, found most of the spare parts I need but still have difficulties in finding rocker pannles. Can you reccommand some good dealers in the USA, for spare parts. Can be NOS, old ore reproduction. I my collection I still have 1939 Chrysler Royale also from the USA.
  6. Photos whit the rear and front axles I found, they are from a 1938 plymouth. I wanted to ask you, can the rear axle be repaired???
  7. Hello, I am back, I was away for 5 months, and I didn't have internet. I am navy man. I sow that I didnt't post here my last aquisitions, just before I went on the seas. I bought an original dodge steering wheel and a hand breack. Now may be next month I will buy a rear axle, I found one here in romania but I don't know if it can be fixed. The exterior casing of the rear axel was broaken, I don't know how. i will put now photos whit what I bought. Also now I started to dismantel my car I will make photos and I will post them here.
  8. Now some photos for 1936 D2 whit restored cars, I don't have a lot of photos whit these cars.
  9. I posted first like 1936 D2 said the chrysler cars because I have much more pictures whit them, there are a lot of Ford cars in Romania, we also had a Ford factory here from 1935 to 1940. Here is a 1936 Dodge.
  10. Hello just recived the heater, it's in great shape and it works. I just have a question how do you turn it off/on. Do you have a button on the dash, o a button under the dash? Here are pictures: I will also buy other pieces a steering wheel + all the components and a hand break.
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