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  1. Hi, Bob - I'm Bob, too; so I'll be B2 & you can be BB. I'll bite: what's up with your 'original condition' 1930 Flying Cloud ? Does 'original condition' mean 'unchanged' - as in no new paint, no new interior, &c.? Or do you mean it has been restored, or any of the above, to 'original' specs. ? May as well tell me the price before we spend too much time on this. Then please send some photos, please to give an overall sense of the condition of the car. (Sure does not look indigo blue in the photo) My personal email is If you have put a pile of money into bringing the car 'back to original,' I probably can't afford it, so you can save the photos if that is what you mean by 'original condition.' You might tell me about any other really original condition 4-door sedan Flying Clouds you have for sale. Sorry, my Vintage Car ID website is on vacation tonight, so I can't ID what "model 621" means. Thank you. B2
  2. So, what you have for sale, mg/cons, is not just an 'original' 1937 Buick coupe; but a VERY original 1937 Buick coupe......except that it was repainted 25 years ago in colors that you don't know are original; plus it has an interior that is either original....or.... it isn't; and.....about that dashboard wood-grain finish that the original 1937 Buick would have had. It looks so good on this car, why I wood almost think it is, you know, "original." Or at least original-looking....or not. It's always great to find an original car, isn't it ?
  3. And all you are going to get if you call Al, is the seven pictures in the ad. Ran when it was parked...55 years ago (there's some good news); engine was torn down for rebuild...55 years ago (even better news); only uncovered for the picture...except nobody took the picture; 90% of the parts are here...somewhere...or in storage...for the last 55 years. All that for only $7000 !! Such a deal. Not even worth the drive to Alliance...from Akron. Al is trying to sell his memories, I think.
  4. Yeah, helluva shock to a resident of California, isn't it ? The rest of the country doesn't have any money; thanks, in part, to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, along with the rights of illegal immigrants. You are only going to sell that car, for that money, in California. What do 'BTT' and 'bump' mean ? (Press 2 for English.) Thanks.
  5. Sir, You might take a look back at January 14, 2009 posting on this AACA forum - should be toward bottom of page 2 - someone looking for a model G Franklin, and said 'project' is OK. Who knows ? He may still be looking, although I'm not sure why he would not have picked up on your advert. to sell a model G. Just suggesting you contact him to see if he is still interested, and you can describe the condition of your car. Good luck. Bob
  6. Jerry - Probably everybody except me knows this, so I have to ask: What year Buicks will this fit ? Then, related to that, will it fit only certain Series Buicks in those years, or all Series ? Just for personal interest, did you refurbish this sun shade yourself ? If so, it looks like a pretty good job. The shade appears to be painted, so I guess if I need to change color, then down to bare metal we go. Thank you. Bob
  7. Mr. Burda: I am very interested in your Roadmaster. I have sent you an email at the address shown in your listing, with some questions about your car. Not knowing how frequently you check your email, I thought I would send this Quick Reply also. My email address begins with: "rbsimmers@....." I hope to be in contact with you shortly. Thank you. Bob
  8. This car was sold on March 17 for $10,900.
  9. No, John-Maine; that is NOT correct. Suggest you consult Wikipedia. Regards. We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism...but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. -- Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971)
  10. Thank you, Mr. Phillips. I know the Model 10 was a great seller for Billy Durant. I guess I didn't read closely enough about that particular car. Regards,
  11. This will be easy for someone - I just can't seem to find the info: What year did Buick start using Torque Tube Drive ? That's it ! Thanks for your help. “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them." Karl Marx 1818-1883 “Democracy is the road to socialism.” Karl Marx 1818-1883
  12. Jeff - Have you ever done anything with your '38 Special that was wrecked a couple months ago ? If the remains, or parts, are still available, please let me know. I am new to Buick, but interested in '38. I am in Toledo. Thanks. Bob I'm not sure how this forum works, so if you need my email address, it is