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  1. 62 tie rods are so sloppy,car is hard to drive.wanted to take it to Rhinebeck Saturday and a local show today,4 bufords from ct
  2. drove my 62 invicta to dunkin donuts this afternoon,car ran pretty well except steering felt sloppy. need to get new tires and a front end alaighnment before springfield,4 bufords from ctUOTE=bhambulldog;1418600]I drove the Roadmaster today. but, it was looking like rain, so I didn't leave the neighborhood I drove about five miles
  3. car looks great adam,my super is going to body shop in a couple of weeks,4 bufords from ct
  4. thanks adam,car looks great,4 bufords from ct
  5. adam,I was looking for the bracket that holds the bezels to the fender. 57 buick jim has one bracket for me,going to send it this weekend.. by the way,how much paint was used?thanks for the pic
  6. looks great adam,need a picture of the rear fender bracket that holds the tail light bezels thanks,4 bufords from ct
  7. adam,when you painted the car,did you paint the blue down to the chrome trim first?car lookin great,4 bufords from ct
  8. mud,did you have the headlight buckets sand blasted before painting?need to clean mine up and paint,4 bufords from ct
  9. pete,nice article in the bugle on your cat,you are a lucky guy to own such a rare car.looking forward to seeing it in sprinjgfield ,4 bufords from ct
  10. drove my 62 invicta to chapter meeting yesrerday about 60 miles round trip and again today drove it about 70 miles round trip to a car show.new starter and carb performed great.next to address is steering box.car show in Torrington,ct next sunday should be the last one this year,4 bufords from ct
  11. drove my 62 invicta to the Bradley air museum car show today,very good turnout.a few buicks there most from yankee chapter members.did get to pass out flyers for yankee chapter show in august,4 bufords from ct
  12. drove to musclepalooza at lebonan valley ny sunday about 80 miles each way.saw some nice cars and watched drag racing,4 bufords from ct
  13. drove my 62 invicta vert to mass for cheaper gas yesterday so I could drive it to daughters today,ran really well,4 bufords from ct
  14. thanks for taking pics of my 62 invicta vert at glastonbury steve,4 bufords from ct
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