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  1. I just checked and I still have the old one that came off my '50 Windsor. There's a hole in it and Its a little collapsed in one place. You could use it as a pattern. You're welcome to it if you pay the shipping. I'm in Tulsa, OK
  2. There's one listed on E-Bay. Item#271231041080 Seller is, karkrazyking1
  3. Believe it or not! Brasso works very well. I've used it on an old Bakelite radio.
  4. Congratulations! They're fun to drive. I assume you have the Fluid Drive, or the Prest-o matic as they were called in the 1950. Check out the W.P.C.Club, it has a lot of resources listed. The AACA Forums are a great resource.
  5. Do you mean Lucas is a big no no? Why?
  6. A real bug screen from a era when men were men, women were women and Buicks were Buicks.
  7. How narrow do you want? If you want around a 1/2" whitewall try Bankook tires. They are reasonable. There should be other companies selling the narrow If you want a 1" you will probably have to go Universal Tire sold thru Coker and Diamond Back. There're high. Try the Tire Rack for ideas.
  8. Being a real amateur, I can identify with you mjames. I really enjoy working on my car, but sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what I'm doing.
  9. Well, unless I'm willing to buy new wheels, which I'm not, I should stick with bias tires. Also didn't realize there was a point reduction when judging. I think radials would handle a little better, I did not realize they might stress my old wheels.
  10. You all just changed my mind. I've been wanting to put wide whitewall radials on my 50 Chrysler to improve the steering. Sounds like I might be buying problems. Thanks, I sure do learn a lot here.
  11. Wish I knew how to transfer pics. from craigs list to here. Go to Craigs list, Oklahoma City, Use "search" type Chrysler, should show up on the Dec. 27 list titled, "Old old Chrysler" Hope this helps
  12. Spotted this on Craigs list for Oklahoma City this AM. 1928 Chrysler Model U52 for 8,000 Looked good from the pictures.
  13. Try, Detray Plating Works 10406E. 11th Street Independence, Mo 816-252-8411 They were recommended to me by a very good body man in Tulsa. They do real chrome, copper/nickle/chrome, not nickle/chrome. Been in business since 1924.
  14. I was asleep! Chrysler recommended 50w.
  15. That seller has several complaints in his seller feedback file about his color chips.
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