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  1. Very rare and hard to come by. Very few were actually equipped with it out of the factory. I would look in Hemmings at ads for boneyards that have Rivs in them.
  2. Looks like they did nice work. How much did they charge for plating the hood latch?
  3. I'm looking for 1 or possibly 2 Riviera Steel Road Wheels 15x6 in good to excellent condition. Fitment for 79-85 Rivs. Must be straight and true, no bent rims please. Thanks!
  4. Congrats Dave, look forward to seeing you in St. Charles. You had as much competition for the open position as I did last year! We haven't had as much snow as Mass has, but we haven't seen the grass here now for 7 weeks. We've got more coming tonight into tomorrow. My kids are all excited thinking school's going to be closed tomorrow.
  5. If you do not have a check engine light on, I would test the coil packs and replace the wires. If that does not solve your problem, I would then check the Throttle Position Sensor and cross reference the values on the scan tool with factory specs. I have seen TPS sensors go bad without setting codes and can cause hesitation and poor mileage, the exact condition you describe.
  6. Drew, It depends on how your engine was rebuilt. Did the rebuilder lower the compression down to 9 to 1? Or is it still at stock specs? If it was rebuilt to 9 to 1 or therabouts, it probably will run fine on 87. If it is still at its high compression specs, then 93. As others recommended, if you can get ethanol free gas definitely use it.
  7. Chuck, I am sure you're not the first one to have that problem from being too aggressive taking the heater hoses off. At least you got a lot of other projects done! The heater core in my 63 bit the dust in 83, so I'm 30+ years on the current one. Trying not to think about that.
  8. Dan, I didn't realize that in order to turn my 63 box into a fast ratio, it would make the turning radius bigger. Knowing that now, I will stick with the stock ratio. What does it cost for a stock rebuild?
  9. Thanks! Just to clarify, I bought that engine paint from CARS about 10-12years ago, and it was too bright, almost like a shiny aluminum. They may have improved on their paint formulation since then. Please let us know.
  10. Cool story, well at least the first guy you spoke to anyway. It's great that you take it out for everyone to admire. Can't imagine anyone saying what the second guy said to you. It takes all kinds I guess. I use my 85 Convertible about 3-4 days a week. Always get complements on it, mostly since our cars really stand out at this point.
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    Congrats on your purchase Kiff! Look forward to seeing pictures of your new ride. I'm not sure if you are an ROA member, but I hope you'll consider joining if you are not. The resources and tech articles will be a big help as you tackle projects and our meet next year is in Illinois. Hope you can make it. BTW, there is a link in my signature to the club's website.
  12. Jan, As I have owned my 63 for a long time, I can provide some insights to my brakes, and what I have learned about the 63-65 brake systems as well. First, I still have the stock set up in my car with the single master cylinder. I also have original Delco-Moraine asbestos lined shoes on all 4 wheels. It can be slighty grabby below 5mph, but overall it is very predictable and they stop the car very well. As people have changed out their brake linings, I have heard complaints about their brakes being too grabby at low speeds, and not feeling like they did before. So what's the difference? The difference is that the brake linings are no longer made from asbestos. The newer material is different and that is causing issues with cars with front drum brakes. I confirmed this when talking to a rep from Centric. So as long as we have our front drum brake set ups, the only options are to either learn to live with it or look for some NOS linings. Of course the other option is to convert the front over to a disc set up.
  13. I did the same thing to my cars back in the mid 90's and have not had an issue with a frozen caliper or wheel cylinder since. I have also converted over other people's older cars too when I replaced the brake lines. Great stuff.
  14. Thanks guys, appreciate the complements about the engine compartment. I hadn't thought about changing out the washer bottle since it wasn't cracked or broken. I might try to soak it in some bleach to see if I can brighten it up a little.
  15. Jan - sorry I was not able to meet you there. I had planned on going but just too much going on with the kids. Any chance you'll be coming back next year?
  16. Pete, they came out great., looks really nice. When I replaced the trunk cardboard in my 63, the first reproduction piece started to crack when I was bending it. I pulled out my hand held steamer and used it on the backside and it made it much more flexible and willing to bend, minimizing the cracking. I wish they had provided that advice when they ship them out, it makes a big difference.
  17. Sorry to hear about your problem. Hope you can get rid of it and get something for it.
  18. Looks great, nice upgrade. I give you credit using your 63 everyday, would love to do that but people around here drive like they are on amphetamines, lol.
  19. Welcome to the wonderful world of owning a Riviera Marcel! Like Ed said, consider joining the ROA. There is a wealth of information and resources available to you, which is extremely helpful since Rivieras don't get the same level of support and parts resources such as A-Bodies and other more popular models.
  20. Well, good luck in selling it. Pretty much narrowed down the amount of people who would be interested in buying it.
  21. Kaber - the interior turned out great. I've done a few interiors too and can respect and appreciate the work that goes into a project like that.
  22. I have a four post lift too, and it is the safest and most stable way to lift our x-frames. I have a center beam in my ceiling where I can hook up a pulley system to lift a body off of the frame. I recommend backyard buddy too. Great product and many helpful accessories.
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