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  1. kaycee held my hand through the entire process of getting this hood located and home. many thanks! really nice gentleman, and a heck of a find on the hood!
  2. I need a hood for a 64 riviera, my understanding is that it'll swap with a 65. let me know if you have one. thanks I'll give him a call, thanks.
  3. Good %greetingtime% all, I'm in need of a hood for my 64. if you know of any or a lead to one please let me know. this is for a driver.
  4. I was unsure of it's application on non-ac vehicles, as the fuel filters for non-ac vehicles do not have the return. thanks for the explanation.
  5. I'm not reinstalling the AC at this time which leaves me with the vapor return to the FSU from the fuel filter. is this still necessary, or can I plug it off at the FSU and install the non-AC filter? thanks all.
  6. wow. how was it installed incorrectly? I'm putting one on here in a few days...
  7. it's a vacuum storage tank, a portion of the heating system, I believe that the larger of the two goes into the cabin, but I don't have any hvac in my car to verify.
  8. that looks great! I'm digging the matte finish... you going gloss or no?
  9. purchased for carter on 1st gen riv, went with different carb. $50 shipped in conus.
  10. are you looking for show quality? I have some that i'd put on a driver.