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  1. YOU ARE GOOD, DAVE! Your information led me to search for images of the Fiberfab Jamaican, and I came up with this photo: Fiberfab jamaican image by 92Roadster on Photobucket The exact same car! Thanks very much! I knew it would not take long to get the answer on aaca.org!
  2. The tail is somewhat similar to the Intermeccanica Torino, but that is as far as I got.
  3. Can someone identify the sports car on the right of the photo?
  4. There are four listings on ebay for 1939-40 LaSalle parts. 1900-1940 | eBay
  5. If anyone is interested, someone is selling a number of Corvair parts, including spyder doors, on ebay. They stated that there are additional parts that are not yet isted. lostjeans319 items - Get great deals on Parts Accessories items on eBay Motors!
  6. If anyone is interested, someone is currently selling a 1942-47 Ford truck fender on ebay. Ford Truck front fender 1942-1947 hot rod - eBay (item 120653332818 end time Dec-05-10 07:40:11 PST)
  7. I'm surprised that no one has come up with a response to this query that was posted in DEC 2008.
  8. Something was hacked off the rear of the vehicle. That plate in the rear is heavy, so it must have been supporting something substantial.
  9. The accumulator branches off a line that appears to be insulated, in some areas, with asbestos. Wouldn't that point towards steam as opposed to air? That partially-insulated line connects to the starboard side of the base of the twin cylinders up front. After passing by (and connecting to) the accumulator, that line connects to the two compressors/pumps mounted amidships. What does that tell us?
  10. I have a feeling that the winning bidder knows what it is. But, there may be some controversy about whether the ebay seller actually had the right to sell it.
  11. Ivan, I apologize for not getting back to you. I did receive the DVD and I loved it. If you locked me in your garage, I could live there the rest of my life and die a happy man. I especially liked the rack after rack after rack of car parts in the background. I didn't see any tags on anything, but I'm sure you know what everything is, even if you put it there decades ago. If I don't tag things, there's a good chance I'll forget which car I took it off. Thanks again for a great video!
  12. I'm trying, Ivan, but it's not working. I was counting on your lateral thinking to save the day.
  13. I posted a few additional pics of this vehicle in the thread, "Can anyone identify the pictured vehicle?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->"
  14. Here are the rest of my pics. These are reduced-size versions of the originals. If anyone wants more detail, I can email the originals. They are about 2mb each.
  15. Cadillac did not produce the Cimmaron because they thought it was a great idea. They were forced to add it to their line because of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy). Federal legislation required that the average fuel economy of all Cadillacs sold not exceed a certain level. Since Cadillac could not get their then-current product line down to that level, they had to add a rebadged Cavalier to their line, in order to bring the average down. And, it is true that Cadillac did not market it as the Cadillac Cimmaron. They knew it wasn't a Cadillac, so they called it the Cimmaron by Cadillac.
  16. I came across that vehicle this morning, took a bunch of pics, and started the thread, "Can anyone identify the pictured vehicle?" DAVE A responded and let me know that this thread had already been started. I have more pics, if anyone wants to see additional details.
  17. I came across this vehicle this morning. Can anyone identify it? I have additional pics, should anyone require more details. Thanks very much! Buzz
  18. Larry, Thanks very much for pointing me towards that ebay listing. I'm a little embarrassed; since the info was on ebay, I should have been able to find it myself. The ebay listing was a bit confusing, at first. The part number was right, and the listing explained that it was an electronic suspension control module. But, the accompanying photo did not look anything like the module I had. I contacted the seller. He explained that he uses a stock photo of a control module, but not necessarily the same type module that is being offered in the listing. I think that defeats the purpose of providing a photo. But, the guy currently has over 55,000 items listed on ebay, so I guess he has some experience. Thanks again for your help! Buzz
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