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  1. jeffery

    Front bumper

    I believe I have a 1921 front bumper, any interest??
  2. Thanks, I was afraid of that.I guess that explains why it hasent been replaced.
  3. 1930 coupe -----How much of a task is it to replace upper steering bushing ? Any how to material ?
  4. jeffery

    outta fuel

    If I let up it recovers.Hi speed 45 plus,no fuel filter 1930 gravity feed. not sure on model B. Not sure why model B carb ? Maybe because overdrive ?
  5. jeffery

    outta fuel

    I have a 1930 with overdrive, 4cly model a with a model b carb, runs great unless at hi speeds .then it seams to run out of fuel in the float bowl any answers ??
  6. jeffery


    I need to ORDER & replace the upper steering bushing on my 1930, how do I know if its a 2 or 7 tooth ?
  7. jeffery


    thanks, seams bogged down ? like starving for fuel
  8. jeffery


    I agree, I was wondering if or how it would affect how it ran. ,
  9. jeffery


    how important is the runability of having a tailpipe ?
  10. jeffery

    rear window

    Does anyone know if there is a kit, or way to have a roll down rear window ? -- I have a 1930 model a coupe --
  11. jeffery

    ryan overdrive

    I believe I have a ryan o/d. Does anyone know how its to operate.Mine stays in neutral pushed in & runs like a regular 3 speed with the knob pulled out, The extra shift lever forward or pulled back does nothing to change anything.
  12. jeffery


    yes,model a coupe
  13. jeffery


    I know for my Studebaker, studebaker international & studebaker parts.com.are the main people. but, Who are the major suppliers for my model a
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