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  1. I have a 39 coupe and hope someone can tell me what the proper linkage adjustmets are for the shifter. Mine does not hang up like my 71 Chevy p'up did. When it hung up you couldn't move the shifter and the truck had to be running and somebody had to hold the clutch in as you climbed under to shake the rails loose. The most memorable time was waiting in line to enter the infield at the Talladega 500 as it began to rain. We heard on the radio the race was called off so everybody in front of me had turned around and was blowing their horns at me. Probably no more than about half of the 240 thousa
  2. I can take a picture of mine that has been out of my radiator for about a year now because I keep thinking I can find someone to repair it. You can see what the inside looks like too since it is out of the can. Let me give you the brief bit of knowledge I do have about it and then you tell me how you got all of these replies because I am obviously using this forum incorrectly because I didn't get any responses when I asked the same question and I have plenty more questions to ask about 1939 Packard 6 coupes. Mine was not easy to get out because the corrosion and the fact that I did not want to
  3. I don't have the jump seats but I do have a Packard Club Coupe and that is one of the few things missing. Do you happen to have a picture of what they look like? I don't know if they folded from the side or the back. I saw a lexus LX-10 where the back seats fold up to the side like jump seats and look small enough to go in the back of a 30's or 40's car. I thought I had it figured out one time. I thought the folding back seat in a Silverado would work but it is too wide for the Packard. I have thought about this a lot but should shut up because I don't even know what you are trying to put the
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