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  1. There is no bellhousing for a 29 REO Flying Cloud. The transmission I have, the front bolts to the rear engine housing where the clutch is located. I have attached a drawing to show you. You can expand the drawing by the slide bar at the bottom of the picture.
  2. Hi; Mscharpp; You can communicate with me via my email Yes, I would say you got a good deal on the car and the wood is in pristine condition. I am so glad to read that you are not going to hot rod this car. That kills me when I read someone bought a rare car and then they want to butcher it. Yes by all means keep it original and in good condition. In looking through the club directory if I read this right you will have some company as far as B2 Mates. I have only seen one at a meet and that was in 2012. Since your intentions are to join the REO Club of America I have attached a link to the website: I would suggest to get to know your car as much as possible. As these cars continue to age the parts are harder to find. When you have the time measure the width where the visor goes. I may have one that fits. The running boards are easy to make. If I look through some emails I may be able to find the specs. to make them. The trim is available too, and I will send you the link for that. Take care, Ron Abee
  3. Ronabi

    '29 Engine rebuild

    You can get the motor mounts at Steele Rubber and it's part number is 16-0006-11; I just replaced mine.
  4. Try some Marvel Mystery oil on the seized piston and put some oil on the crank shaft. It will take awhile but it should free up in a couple of weeks. You can get pistons, rings at Egge. Gasket set through Olson. You can get points, plugs, condenser, rotor and cap through Ben McAdams. I have some rods and a crank shaft if yours is broken.
  5. Are these for wire wheels or artillery wheels?
  6. Are you looking for a complete transmission? I have one for a 29 Flying Cloud. Where in California are you located; the reason I ask is I live in Visalia, California.
  7. I have two cars I am parting out 1929, 1930 REO Flying Clouds Model C sedans Budd Bodies doors, fenders, hoods, bodies, front and rear ends, brake drums, brakes, transmissions, rebuild-able master cylinders, fuel tanks, seats, glass, one windshield frame that is decent, steering gear boxes, engine parts, 2 shebler updraft carburetors, bumpers, wood spoke wheels and rims. radiators without shells, shocks, spare tire mounts, splash aprons, one Continental six engine rebuilt 1965 never put back in car. window regulators, door latches, several small parts.
  8. Joel; I ran across this set on ebay a little more like what you are looking for.!93267!US!-1
  10. I know I'll be buying a set! Thank you very much!
  11. Try this place.
  12. If you find a place let me know, otherwise the only solution is making them yourself.
  13. You could try this website:
  14. Steve; Try this place for a cast head