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  1. Here's some recent pictures of my Model T Ford with a 1920 AUTOWA accessory body I've been restoring for about 8 1/2 years.I also have other pictures in my Gallery. Thanks for looking.
  2. Just bumping to the top . Still needing that right fender. I'm not interested in having one made.
  3. I'm looking for a right front fender to match my left 1919-1922 accessory Ford Model T fender.These were used on Amesbilt and Autowa accessory bodies,also sold to 'update'your old car.
  4. Thanks but have been for 5-6 years.Some one has them in a barn somewhere,probably don't know it.They were also used on AMESBILT accessory bodies,maybe others.
  5. Still looking for a right fender like the ones on the yellow car.Thanks,Jim
  6. Some one contacted me from Canada with a 26 right front.Please contact me again.Thanks,Jim
  7. I'm looking for original 1919-1921 "AUTOWA" sales pamphlets.They were an accessory body company that manufactured touring.roadster and speedster bodies based out of Ottawa Illinois.Any help would be appreciated.Also I could use one 30x3 1/2 disc wheel like the ones in my picture album.Jim
  8. Does anyone know how to contact Bob Kerr? I've tried his cell&home phones but to no avail.He has a fender I'm interested in from a Dec 2008 post here on the forum.Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks,Jim