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  1. Hello , would you be able to post a couple pics on this forum?
  2. If you are fortunate to have enough of the pin by the shift lever/ cable entry on top of the transmission exposed and you are able to pull it out with a vise grip than you are done , however if the pin is flush or below surface , remove the four bolts holding the transmission cover,turn it over and you will see a small hole on one side of the shift plate, position the gear lever until the shifting fork doesn't block access through this hole to the pin on top, then drive pin out with a roll punch , then pull cable out.
  3. Unsure about the car in front , but the one to the right rear is a very early maxwell, i believe.
  4. The front is 26-27 ford T but was wondering about the back portion , looks like they took the back half of a touring car and joined it to the front part of the T, ...maybe it was an insightfull new husband on his honeymoon and he wasn't about to make room for any hitchhikers.
  5. Further thoughts, In doing research over the years , I found an article that mentioned , that the 1905 H touring model had undersized front spring horns, bending under use, ( thus these were made larger for the 1906 model) The H frame was always pressed steel from the beginning of production , the L was armored oak until later being changed to pressed steel as well ....reason???? maybe just economics, maybe Maxwell in an effort to get going they began with wood in their lighter cars , than switched to pressed steel after getting things going??? I have seen several examples of the early wood frames maxwells ,all are holding up well, another article also mentioned that with the poor roads of the day , the light car would twist somewhat causing the sheet metal (which was nailed to the underside of the wooden frame) to tear, this may have been another reason to go all steel also.
  6. Another great source for info and parts is Merle Simonsma ( alias; Maxwell West), he lives in sacramento ,california ph number 916-682-2038 if you have an engine number on top of the little aluminum cover on top the engine that would help identify the year.....it looks like a 1906 gentleman's speedster as far as i can tell , possibly a 1907 model RS. great looking project.
  7. Dear Franklinman, Is your car still available? Please send pictures to me at Germann2@hotmail.com if so and are still willing to deal ...trade/cash or? Thank you.
  8. I am unable to respond to all of the numerous e-mails about this auto, so I will give a general response in this forum: I do not wish to sell outright , I am only reluctantly offering it for trade as a last ditch effort to obtain my passion, ..... an air cooled pre 1910 Franklin. The model I have is the mortician's limo , (unlike the shorter hearse), it was used to transport the grieving family. If you have an unrestored pre 1910 Franklin in mostly complete unrestored condition and are willing to work out a trade please let me know.....Germann2@hotmail.com Thank you.
  9. Will trade: 1912 Great Eagle 10 passenger limo. Car is in fair condition ,has been in a shed for several decades, no rubber , rims extremely rusty but good for patterns....engine is a six cylinder Rutenber ( 72 hp), body on car is mostly complete, interior rough, fenders are average , missing hood and bumpers, steering wheel,radiator looks ok but has several older solder repairs, lights are there but dented ....will trade for pre 1910 franklin in like condition.
  10. Thank you for sharing this film clip with us , as old car lovers it is wonderful to see all the old brass autos as they were .....wonder when they got some kind of traffic laws in San Fran? Wow! a lot of near misses , but people don't seem to upset by them ....looks like a lot of folks knew what was being done, a lot of hams on the film , including several guys hot rodding it up for the camera, passing the camera operator then circling around again ,and again, and again ....guess word got out about the filming.Driver of car # 4867 you have a few tickets waiting for you.
  11. I am an avid watcher of the show , As the show goes on, I have noticed that the guys are starting to offer more for items than when the show first started , so it is my guess they must be getting compensation from somewhere , ...and they also gave danielle a raise on one episode , further...., I don't know why they would let anyone film them doing their picking, showing us their tactics, their stratagies , etc .....giving us other would be pickers, picking lessons for free , no one else gives out this kind of info for nothing....they sell books, dvds , etc ...don't worry, they get paid!!! also,why would they hurt themselves regarding future picks,... when people see their profit margin ,isn't it going to get harder and harder to make the sweet deals?.... come on , it is a show,..... they take time to jazz it up some.....when Mike or Frank go into an attic or flip open a door to the big suprise that awaits them , who is doing the filming ??? think there is some guy with his camera already in there? ,and when they are filmed coming up someone's driveway from the sellers house, ....well ,if some camera crew was outside my home, I would be asking questions before Mike and Frank got to my door. To me it is giving us a taste of what a lot of us dream about , going around the country finding that ....piece , that part, that hidden away for decades something we have been searching for , adventure , you bet! Love it! 1905 Maxwell 1906 Cadillac tulip 1907 Franklin model D 1936 Cord sportsman 1948 tucker 1959 cadillac 1962 corvette 1969 dodge charger
  12. Does anyone have any parts for a 1907 kiblinger highwheeler that they would be willing to sell, ....also looking to buy any franklin autos 1905-1909 , any condition considered
  13. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of a 1907 Kiblinger engine? , fairly complete? I have body, axles, seat , but have been unable to locate the engine I need .....I heard there might be one in North Dakota , does anyone know about it?
  14. I am interested , please email me at germann2@hotmail.com or twodeadone3@netzero.net , please give info as to where car is located .
  15. West; Gol' durn whippersnappers and their new fangled mag wheels!
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