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  1. I got this from a retired Ford specialist, but that doesnt make it Ford only. I assume its a hub puller, but is it for hubs in general, or s specific Ford model? Thanks Skip
  2. Thanks!! I appreciate the help. Skip
  3. I'm pretty good with figuring out jacks , but this one has me stumped. stamped base, screw jack, flip top, . but the top has only one 'hook' and it's designed that way, it's not that the second one is broken. I cant quite see how this might work, or what it would fit. any hints? Thanks
  4. IF you are anywhere near this place you have to go!! they have a metric S**t ton of stuff, and the prices are reasonable. Skip
  5. I'm cleaning out an older repair shop and found this fellow. The box reads 50968 HA and may say more , but I cant read it, perhaps IHC? I don't see any numbers on the stat itself. Any hints to where I might start looking to figure out what this is? Thank you Skip
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