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  1. We have a '57 Thunderbird that we want both rear quarter panels replaced on, I've gotten both panels NOS Ford rear quarters. I've had it at a repair shop locally but the person doing the work has the right quarter on but says he doesn't like the way the Right side looks and doesn't want to complete the work. He is NOT a professional body person, but I felt, and he did too that he could complete the job. Well now he doesn't want to complete it.... So I need to find a shop that will do so, the car will also need the doors and trunk rehung and windshield reinstalled and the front fenders ready for paint. We live in North West central Illinois(North of Peoria), I am willing to take the car to a shop within @ 5-6 hour distance.
  2. Thanks for the reply, your correct, I forgot about that...... thanks a lot.
  3. I think it would be great if when you win an award, that you would receive your trophy and a certificate to help document your car.
  4. John, the badges are in the proper location on this car (1964), and you are correct the 63's were on the leading edge of the fender below the fender spear trim. I do agree with Aaron65, I too think someone just wanted to make the car look as if it had a 390 where as it does not, I would have probably done this too, but with the correct badges.
  5. The badges on this car are what would have been on a 1962 Galaxie (these were aluminum with the red and black and white paint in them). 1963 and 1964 shared the same badges, they were aluminum with black and white paint. There was no badges on cars with smaller cu. in. engines. Now the 406 and 427 had GOLD aluminum with black and white paint. As you are probably aware that the engine chrome is also after market, as is the air conditioning.
  6. I have a very good friend that owns a 1965 vintage burgundy Fairlane, it has undercoating and also has semi black paint on the underside floor and about everything else. We can not find any information or pictures to know for sure what color the floors were from Ford. I found one clip on you tube that shows that it MIGHT have been red oxide, however the video area of the floor is so short it is anyones guess. We want to do this correct, so if anyone can help us we would be very thankful.
  7. I plan to show my car at the Grand National Meet, and Southeastern Special event, in Shelbyville Tn. At this Special event will I be eligible to win a First Preservation award ? I won my senior last year at the Central Fall meet in Oak Brook, Il. Thanks in advance.....
  8. I hate to admit it but I believe I will not be going to the Grand National show because of the rising cost of fuel. I was really looking forward to this event, I have done a lot of finishing work to the car this winter preparing it, but I think I have to face reality. What it looks like is a week we just can not afford now. Perhaps next year ( Like the CUBS always say ) :(
  9. I want to buy a 1957 Thunderbird LEFT front fender, I need one that is complete and rust,& accident free. Any help will be welcome. Thank you.
  10. The stainless steel header strip on our '57 soft top (the part above the windshield on the top) has some small dents in it, I was wanting to remove it and take them out. I am not sure how to remove this piece , the top is off of the car at this time. :confused:
  11. We have used Klasse and are very pleased with it, we bought it from AUTO GEEK they have alot of quality detail items (take the time to check them out).
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