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  1. Thanks everyone for the quick response. I am going to try the Champion cross reference, first. But I will certainly keep the other suggestions in mind. Many thanks! Vic Brincat
  2. Just rebuilt the engine for my 1948 Cadillac (346 ci L-head). The shop manual calls for an AC Delco Plug #104. I have been seearching the WEB going in circles to find a modern suitable replacement. I can probably get a set from eBay, but I am reluctant to use plus that are potentially 60+ years old. I would much rather (if possible) use a newer replacement. Could someone suggest a substitute plug. Thanks in advance, Vic Brincat a.k.a. cadmanof50s
  3. Thanks John, I have heard of RM Restorations. I'll give them a call next week. Vic
  4. Hey folks, Just joined the AACA. I am in the very last stages of a frame-off restoration of a 1948 Cadillac Convertible. ..and I have run into a problem. A year ago I sent the engine to be rebuilt hoping that it would be well completed by now. Apparently, you can't rush engine builders. I am still waiting for the engine to be completed..My car has been waiting for an engine for several months. All the work has been done up to the engine.... and I am growing impatient. From sheer frustration, I located another "running" 346 in the hopes that I could use it and keep my original as spare. (It wouldn't be numbers matching..but since I do have the original motor..I wasn't overly concerned.) Before I cleaned up the new motor and painted it, I decided to take the heads off and inspect the cylinders and valves. It turn out that this engine really needs to be rebuilt as well...walls are scuffed and some of the valves aren't seating 100%....what did I expect from a 60 year old motor? I am hoping that someone can recommend a good, reliable, engine re builder that won't take a year to finish the motor. If anyone knows of one in the Toronto area please send me their contact info directly to Thanks in advance for your help.