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  1. I am in Georgetown Texas, could you be a little more specific than "South of Fort Worth"
  2. Thanks! I have reconditioned a couple that made this one look easy. I enjoy the welding and mechanic work. The body work is not all that fun. I have a sandblaster that helps me clean things up. I will check with the state and see that I am not going to have tittle problems before I start. What I have learned here will help in that discussion.
  3. Thanks for all the help getting these photos up
  4. I am sorry guys, the allowance for a picture is around 19K and my pictures are 2.5 meg, I do not know how to reduce them to get them into the forum. My email is t777aalexa@yahoo.com. take out the 777 they are there to stop email strippers. I will be happy to email the pictures to anyone who wants to see them.
  5. Well I went out and took some pictures and got them into a file in my computer. How do I get them into a reply on this forum? Thanks!
  6. I will post some pictures later today if possible. I am pretty sure I have a 1937 series 40. It has the fast back design I see in some of the 38 pictures, but the grill looks like the 37. It is not a 36 which is on the tittle. I am going to look for serial numbers in the places some of the responders have outlined. Thanks guys.
  7. I checked on the engine and it has the same number as the tittle 43219140, is that normal, does the vin usually match the engine? The grill horizontal chrome slats are 3 eights inch apart and there are a lot of them. This may be a 1937.
  8. Is this stuff still there and do any of these cars have tittles?
  9. Ok, I do not have a 36 in spite of what my tittle says. I don't know of a good way to fix this. I have not been able to find any numbers on the car I have anywhere. Where is the vid plate supposed to be? I think my options are limited. I can turn the car in to the local county and bid on it when it comes up for option ( I may not win ). I can put the car up for sale as a parts car ( I hate to, but may do so ) or I can find a rust bucket 38 with a tittle where I can take two cars and make one without great added expense ( may be my best option ). Comments?
  10. I bought what I thought was a 1936 Buick in 1995 and set it on my back lot. I got a tittle for it in 2005 and under notes it says waved vin identification. The title is for a 1936 buick and has a uid of 43219140. I decided to begin working on it today. I looked on this forum in the hope of getting some information on parts etc... What I found is that I may not have a 1936 buick. It looks more like a 1938. Can anyone cross this vid and see what it should look like? Thanks!
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