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  1. hi folks, i'm pretty new to this forum. my lovely girl has a '63 skylark convertible that we're trying to save after a hit and run in brooklyn. i posted a wtb before introducing myself. i'm a bit of a vintage motorcycle guy. that's it in a nutshell. this forum looks great. best, jeff
  2. hi, i'm relatively new to this forum and want to say hi. my girlfriend's 1963 skylark was smashed in a hit and run and we're looking to save her. any help would be greatly appreciated. we're in brooklyn, ny. i can be reached at- 718 678 4908 thanks, jeff
  3. hi all, i'm new to this forum and have searched for info and images regarding window motor replacement to no avail. hoping that someone here can help in this regard. i'm trying to replace a broken drivers side window that's rolled down and the motor won't lift it. i suspect a faulty motor and want to get the glass and frame out to take to a safelight glass shop for a new one but motor is not behaving. any help or links to anything would be greatly appreciated. thanks, j
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