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  1. Nice, This is my 1915/16 Overland Five-Passenger Touring Car. Click on the link in the above line Have a nice day, Bruno from Belgium e-mail : 1915overland.model83b@belgacom.net
  2. I just acquired this beautiful Touring Car, a 1915/16 Overland Model 83 B . It is the second version with a monobloc, and Fabrikoid interior lining, that was professionally restored back in the early 70's by Wilkinson & Sharp Fine Restorations in Pennsylvania. It was an expensive high quality restoration and still looks beautiful today. The car has it's AACA Old Dominion Senior Award badge on the dash that it probably won soon after it's restoration. As part of a private collection for many years the car was run on occasion but spent much of it's time in storage. Since August 2013 till May
  3. Good afternoon, I have found the 3 items I needed through this forum within 12 hours !! I did not expect to find the rare parts so fast. Thank you for your help Grimy, Have a nice day, Bruno from Belgium.
  4. Thank you for the information, I just called, but no one at home, I have spoken a message on his reply device, and sent an email. I'm waiting for a response now. Bruno from Belgium
  5. I need a Westinghouse Distributor Rotor & Cap for a 1925 Hupmobile model R15, 4 Cylinder engine. Brand : Westinghouse, type " JN " Ignition style 395209 Hupmobile.pdf Bruno from Belgium
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