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  1. Can anyone tell me where to find a front timing chain cover alignment tool for a 256 cu y-block. (Merc) I put my cover on. Discovered later it was not aligned corectly. I now have it back off and don't want to just do it by "eye". I have searched the internet for y-block tools and can't locate this tool. I would sure hate to haul it to a machine shop! Thanks
  2. I asked a similar question several weeks ago. After much research I have come to the conclusion a 54 merc gas tank is not being reproduced. I have been told a 54 ford will fit with mods and so will a 56 ford with mods. Both are 17 gal tanks and the merc is 19 gal. I presume your talking about a 2 dr htp. It was suggested I take mine to a radiator shop that repairs tanks. Sure enough I found one that goes over the tank, cleans it, repairs it, and epoxies the inside. All for around $200. Mines is being done now.
  3. Thanks for the info. I did contact a local radiator shop and they gave me a couple leads which lead to one that does repair tanks! They will pick up locally, repair it, epoxy coat it inside and return it with a warranty! Thanks again mercman86! Dave
  4. I have searched most of the big guys web sites and sent messages to several asking for a new gas tank for my 54 merc hdtp. No one says they have one. One guy said a 56 ford would fit. Does anybody have a lead on one or can tell me what will fit? Any one repair or epoxy the inside out in Portland, Or? tks/Dave
  5. I'm looking for a left side (and rt side if they come as a set) dual exhaust manifold for my 256. I have been told there is a clearance issue with the neutral switch and the manifold must have an indentation in the right place. Can anyone tell me what left side engine manifold and year will clear this switch besides a manifold strictly made for this car? Thanks/Dave
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