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  1. Yes, please have a great Christmas and all the Best in 2012
  2. From the snow and ice here in Ontario, I too would like to wish all the members of the TC Club all the Best for the Holidays and may 2011 bring you nothing but happiness and trouble free touring
  3. Well my first passion is Imperials and there are more people that dislike them than like them so I am use to the non-owners and their opinions. If we all agreed what a boring world we would live in
  4. Great pictures Alan, I really like the wheel on your car. I do enjoy seeing the TC & Lebarons together, getting a better sense of how unique the TC is.
  5. Unfortunately the way the Mopar Turbo group had their cars parked it really didn't allow very good shots of the car. It was quite the car the diaque said it was pushing close to 500 hp, but who knows. He certainly had spent a lot of time and money building the car
  6. I got mine from the same supplier and it is not the egg crate, a typical1" fibre type. They suggested to avoid the foam type because they shouldn't have used that in the first place
  7. Last weekend was the 31st annual Canadian Moparfest. Had crappy weather, but still attracted over 2000 cars over the weekend. I thought since I was taking the TC this year, I'd have a one of a kind there, not the case. There was a red/ginger 90 from southern Ontario. The owner wasn't there but I got his name and location so I will contact him in the near future. There were some great cars there a 69 black Imperial like my beauty that I sold last year. A Jensen Intersceptor with a 440 Chrysler V8. A ton of muscle cars. A neat Daytona with a clear hood, the show had a lot of LX cars (Charger,Challenger,300 & Magnums), they seem to spend a bundle on these cars(Lambo doors etc). The show gave away $5000.00 in Mopar parts, 79 Little Red Express and numerous smaller prizes. It happens every year the third weekend in August in New Hamburg Ontario, if you like mopars outside the TC it is worth taking in.
  8. My cruise control works when like and doesn't always hold when it does engage, would this be a vacuum leak?
  9. I was offered a new Delco one for $160.00 cdn, but as you say don't know the manufacturing date on it till it arrives. How long should it take to build pressure? I haven't counted how long mine takes but its more than 12 seconds I know that. Mine is the original I'm sure.
  10. In sourcing a replacement accumulator, my local parts supplier came across a Delco part that is apparently a replacement for the one we currently have. Has anyone tried one of these?
  11. My father-in-law and I restored a 51 Packard convertible, it was our project for a couple of years. Unfortunately we lost him last September, my in laws want the car sold and I'm not in the position to buy it. We spent about $35,000.00cdn restoring it and likely won't get that out of it but would like to have it go to someone who will appreciate just how great this car is. We are located in Ontario Canada, just so you know where the car is located. Like to hear from any interested parties.
  12. Thanks Larry, cleaned the throttle body and 90% better. The car has sat for a year or so prior to me buying it, so I think it needs to be run too. Going to visit family this weekend so it will get likely 800 miles or more on it, will put a couple more bottles of injector cleaner through it and see what happens
  13. Welcome Ab, I too have an 89 cabernet & ginger, mine only has about 50K on it but it does the same thing at an idle. As far as the radio, my original didn't work so I went on ebay and got a Chrysler CD, cassette radio unit, 5 minute job to install. I too am relatively new at owning a TC but I am very pleased so far going on a 700+ mile run with it this coming weekend
  14. Awesome, if Sussan Summers was driving it it would be American Graffiti all over again. The C kit really does look good on the car. The wheels set it off as well
  15. I hope they would post some shots of their car. I'd love to see a TC with the continental kit on it
  16. I always have a soft spot for a black car, nothing looks better than a black car when its clean. The irony is they are never clean, two minutes after they are washed the dust settles back on them. But that's a whole other discussion...lol. I have seen a 93 Lebaron GTC with a continental kit on it, looked pretty good. I think the TC would look even better with one on it. I bought a continental kit from a company in Kelowna BC. Canada. The company name is Continental Enterprises. They came up with a kit for our 51 Packard convertible. It came with everything the panels between the bumper and the body all the brackets. If you are interested you might try them. I hadn't thought of the hood scoop & the vents in the fender, but they are all styling cues from the baby birds. Just a bit of trivia, Pachard built a concept car in 1952 that was a two seater sport model with a continetal kit etc called the Pan American, it too had a lot of similarities to the T Bird.....Oh...wait, that was before the T Bird, interesting
  17. No it isn't. It maybe unrelated but the cruise control drops out at times too. It also idles a little rough, but being use to a big block maybe I am expecting it to be too smooth? Thanks David
  18. I have the 89 2.2 8V turbo, when the engine is cold it starts right up and almost immediately dies. This started out that it would almost quit but would pick up revs, now it quits all together. It restarts right away and will stay running. If it were a big block four barrel I'd know what to look for but a four banger turbo, I'm lost.
  19. I have mentioned on a number of occasions just how helpful members have been on here. I found my car on a non related site but TC Club of America is well worth the price of membership. I do hope to meet some of the members at some point as well. Glen
  20. I too am a traditionalist, but have wondered what a TC might look like if it had some styling cues from its look-a-like, the 57 Thunderbird. The cue I refer to is a continental kit, might be kind of interesting?
  21. Yes I don't think it would help my ginger coloured carpet.....lol. But thanks for the thought
  22. The carpet on either side of the spare tire compartment has faded, not sure why the lid for the spare tire didn't fade. My question is, is there any way of dying the carpet back to the original colour? If so where would I get the dye? Thanks Glen
  23. Awesome photos, Like those wheels on the TC as well. What are they? I'll have to be content working on my TC while you are enjoying the meet. Hope veryone has a great time. Glen
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