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  1. Where are you located? I do not have any samples of the wood. I have collected a few pictures. I basically want to be able to put the top up and down, This is not a restoration more of a home built. My biggest concern is the front header bow. I have a set of hold downs and a new set of irons. If you can give me a ballpark estimate it would help. I've been laid off for Covid since March but I want to get this top done. Bow connection at the rear.
  2. I would also accept an old rotted piece that I can make a pattern from.
  3. I am looking for roadster top wood patterns or useable pieces for my 28 series 72. I do not have any wood to make patterns from. I understand some patterns were available from the Chrysler Museum but they said they no longer have that service. I've been looking for several years. Any recommendation of who has made or can make my bows will be appreciated. The picture attached is the type of hold down my top uses. The wood is not mine.
  4. Does anyone have contact information for Marty Lum? What are the prices for a pair for a 28 Chrysler 72 roadster?
  5. Did anyone ever come up with patterns or a maker for a 28 Chrysler 72 roadster? I have a new set of irons but none of the wood for patterns.
  6. I have a 28 Chrysler roadster that came with a perfect set of top irons but no wood pieces. I need at the least a header bow for the top of the windshield. Other bows would be nice too but the header is the most important. Does anyone have a set of plans they can share or know of someone that has made one? I've had no luck locally. Thanks.
  7. Can you take some detail pictures of the front header bow. I have irons but no wood and need to make one. Thanks.
  8. Can you post some detailed pictures of the wood top header that fits on top of the windshield? I have the irons for my top but no wood. I can't even make a pattern. Thanks in advance.
  9. I do not have the originals. I have a new set of stainless irons but nothing on the bows.
  10. I have a friend restoring a 34 Plymouth PF convertible coupe. There appears to have been some sort of panel under the area where the top folds down just behind the seat. Do any of you have a picture of this piece? Its been chopped out and we have no idea how it looked. Also at the rear of the door bottom opening their appears to have been a structure of some type welded on the floor pan. Also cut out and missing. Any help appreciated.
  11. Is Snyders the model A and T store or is there another for Chryslers? I need the bows for a 1928 Chrysler 72 roadster. I have the top irons but no bows for patterns. A pattern would be great!
  12. A friend sent me these pictures wanting to know what type of car it was. No front end pictures. I thought this site would be the place to find it. Thanks in advance.
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