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  1. Does anyone know or have the paint codes and colors for the upper dashboard on a 51 Buick? The dash is 2-tone with the top part being a metallic bluish green and the face being a lighter color grey-green.I want to paint the interior window frames that match the upper dashboard. Any help or leeds would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Toolman53:)
  2. Dynaflash8, Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to tell if it`s just the Bendix without removing the solenoid? If it`s just that it would be great! There is no grinding at all when it doesn`t catch, but I fear it`s the ring gear because when I turn the fan blade a little she will usually start. Thanks, Toolman53
  3. Since I first bought my 51, the starter doesn`t engage every time I go to start her, but I can hear the starter motor.After a few attempts she starts right up or if I rock the car in gear.I`m hoping I`m not jeopardizing the fly wheel or starter by running her this way since there is no grinding noise. If it is the teeth on the fly wheel, can this be repaired without removing the fly wheel? Or can it be run this way without causing any damage?
  4. Hi 1950 SuperBuick, I did my first oil change a few weeks back,after reading different posts I decided to use 10w 40. So far the oil pressure remains the same, even at idle. A lot of this is quite new to me since I`ve only had her 2 months. I`m hesitant about adding any treatments at this time since it is origonal and I have the fear of loosening up deposits.I have only been burning regular gas in her without any additives as well. So far I think I`ve been lucky with the way she runs, it was sitting for quite a few years. Thanks for the info,Toolman53
  5. 5219, thanks for your reply. I won`t be driving in the winter, but plan on letting her run once a week. I think I`ll be alright with the 10w40, the Reference books say to use heavy weight oil. The oil system sounds practical as far not having to wait for oil in any part,but I wonder about the filtering system and how good they are. Alot of cars are still running with that system,so it must be effective. Thanks,Toolman53
  6. First of all I`d like to thank all of you for your timely responses and all the information that you have shared. As the Reference Manual suggested,using heavy weight oil 10w30 or40,I think that is the way to go.I was hesitant on the heavy oil because of the cars age and the climate here, but it appears that it`s being used in typical climates. For now I will pass on the Marvel Mystery Oil. Happy Motoring,Toolman53
  7. The 51,52 Buick reference manual recommends using heavy weight 10w.oil, would I be harming the motor by using 10w40 for year round use? When refilling the oil do I fill the oil canister as well? This is my first oil change in this ole gal and I`m being cautious as it`s not typical of what I`m used to. The manual also specs 5 1/2 quarts w/ filter,am I correct on this? Thanks for any advise in advance, Toolman53
  8. The reference page for a 51 Buick`s oil, recomends using 10w oil. Will 10w 40 harm the motor for year round use,I`m from Buffalo NY and the temps dip below o*.This will be my first oil change on her and I`m also wondering about the oil filter, and if I should put oil in there during the refill? Capacities with filter are 5 1/2 quarts, is that correct? Thanks in advance for any info. Toolman53
  9. Hi JohnD1956, I did read about the Wd40 on a post here,also someone recomended using Marvel Mystery Oil, maybe I`ll give it a few shots of that and hope I didn`t make a bad mistake with the WD. Your right about a wet windshield,they work much better wet. I didn`t take the wiper motor apart and hope I won`t have to. but my understanding is that there`s light grease in it that may have hardend with age or lack of use. I`ll try the Marvel. Thanks, Toolman53
  10. Thanks Pete, thanks for the info. I replaced all the hoses under the dash and also sprayed WD40 into the line going to the motor, after a few times of spraying they seem to be loosening up. I will try lubricating the cables the way you mentioned next. I appreciate the thumbs up on the car. Up here in Buffalo there doesn`t seem to be that many late 40`s or early 50`s Buick's either, and we did go to quite a few shows over the summer. I to like seeing cars in all their originality as well, and plan on keeping my Buick as authentic as possible. All the members that replied to my post have been very helpful,Thank you all . Toolman53
  11. toolman53

    Gas in oil?

    Frank sounds like good reading material to me! My next trip to Borders (bookstore) I`ll be buying a copy. Sounds a little scary about the cold starts (500 mi) but I`d imagine it`s true. I hate to hear people racing their motors on a cold start up! Gratfully appreciated, Bob P
  12. toolman53

    Gas in oil?

    Desoto Frank, In fact, I drove har a few miles this morning! Thank you, Bob P
  13. toolman53

    Gas in oil?

    DeSoto frank, The previous owner bought it at auction,and only owned it a month. He only rebuilt the pump because the elect one wasn`t working. The owner before him had the car for around 10 yrs and seldom drove it. I`m assuming the oil hasn`t been changed but I`m planning on doing it this week. The oil pressure seems to be fine and stays around the 3/4 mark. This last week I`ve been starting it everyday and running her for 10 min. (probably not too wise on my part) I will add the Mystery oil as you suggested, I don`t want to tear the motor down at this point. All you guys have been helpfull and I do need and appreciate all the advice. I`m new to this and wouldn`t want to ruin a nice car. Thanks,Bob P
  14. toolman53

    Gas in oil?

    Bob Call, Thanks so much for the info.I`m planning on tighening up the screws on the pump (if possible) without removing it first.Then change the oil. Thanks, Bob P
  15. toolman53

    Gas in oil?

    Dave@Moon, thanks for the tip. AfterI get the carb cleaned up (choke may be sticking) I`ll be looking into that advice.I know it`s not good to have the gas in the oil,but will it harm the motor and gaskets over a short period.I havn`t been driving too far and will change the oil this week. I appreciate the response,Thanks,Bob