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  1. I am looking for some of the spinners and / or centers (not skylark). If anyone knows of any, please let me know.
  2. Not sure if this is the thread to do it, but was curious if the 1955 Dynaflow is the same for the Century (322CID engine) and Special (264 CID engine) models, i.e. are there different calibrations, components, set up? Thanks, Jeff
  3. I appreciate all the input- it ended up being the starter partially engaged. Pulled the started and had the solenoid replaced- all good and back to running fine.
  4. I went to start up my 55 Special and it starting making this metal on metal noise. It will still go into gear and drive (obvisouly just went back in the garage), but continues to sound horrific. All fluids are up, and starts fine. My dad thought it may be the torque converter- any thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help
  5. What about the panel that is unique to the Century- will it fit in without issue?
  6. Is it possible to put a 55 Century dash trim package in a 55 Special? Are there relief tabs already cut out in the Special to accommodate, or will it need to be slotted? <O:p Thanks<O:p</O:p
  7. Could you please send me your email and phone #. I am located in Southeast Michigan and would like to speak with you regarding what you have left. Thanks, Jeff