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  1. I just finished fixing leaks on my 32 Buick shocks. I disassmbled the shocks, remove cover, remove square head nut, pull out shaft. The tough part is the seal cover, a domed sheet metal piece pressfit on the shock casting. I used a pick to dig out the old seals. They are made of a compressed cork piece and a thin rubber piece. After the seal is removed, I attached an inner race bearing puller and heated the cover with an acetylene torch and popped the cover off. I found an SKF seal #8702 1.5" o.d. .875" i.d. .260" thick. It fits the shaft and press fits into the cover. Because of the dome on the cover, the seal will not fit in far enough to completely seat on the shock casting. I Milled .035" off the face of the casting and then pressed the cover on the shock. After cleaning and reassembly, the shocks worked fine. I used motorcycle shock oil in my shocks. You can get it in different weights to adjust the shock rate. Hope this helps. Bob